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Medical-Surgical Nursing Care - With CD

Medical-Surgical Nursing Care - With CD - 03 edition

Medical-Surgical Nursing Care - With CD - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780130281623

ISBN10: 013028162X

Medical-Surgical Nursing Care - With CD by Karen Burke, Priscilla LeMone and Elaine Mohn-Brown - ISBN 9780130281623
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Medical-Surgical Nursing Care - With CD by Karen Burke, Priscilla LeMone and Elaine Mohn-Brown - ISBN 9780130281623

ISBN13: 9780130281623

ISBN10: 013028162X

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For courses in Licensed Practical/Vocational Nursing programs.

This comprehensive text prepares basic practical/vocational nursing students to care for adult clients with medical or surgical disorders or diseases. With an emphasis on the nursing role, it explains the risk factors, causes, and pathophysiology of common disorders and diseases, and reviews diagnostic tests and medical management of the disorders. A focus on nursing care is presented in a nursing process format--including assessment data to collect, nursing diagnoses with suggested interventions and their rationales, and evaluation data to determine the effectiveness of nursing care.


  • Nursing process case studies--Follows discussions of selected major disorders, brings the disorder and its effects on the client and family to life.
    • Emphasizes the holistic nature of nursing care and allows students to apply what they have learned.
  • Critical thinking self-checks--Follows each case study.
    • Challenges students to expand and refine their critical thinking skills related to assessment and intervention.
  • Rationale for each nursing intervention.
    • Promotes students' understanding of the "why" of each action.
  • Nursing care and procedure checklists.
    • Summarizes specific nursing care activities for particular procedures or surgeries, and reviews key steps in performing previously learned nursing care procedures.
  • Multi-system effects diagrams.
    • Identifies clearly the multi-system effects of complex disorders--such as diabetes mellitus.
  • Assessing Clients and Assessing for Discharge boxes throughout.
    • Enables students to see the type of subjective and objective data to collect during the assessment, and assists them in planning the client's discharge needs.
  • Pharmacology tables.
    • Highlights the major category of drugs, common examples, purpose, nursing implications, and client teaching.
  • Interactive care map--Provides a brief case study, assessment data, and a nursing diagnosis for a specific client.
    • Requires students to sort the data and sample interventions, evaluate the results, and chart their findings as they work through the nursing process with a selected client.
  • Clinical alerts.
    • Alerts students to critical information for providing safe and effective nursing care.
  • Chapter-opening Career Tips.
    • Provides students with words of wisdom from a practicing nurse or nurse educator--tips that students can use as they move into and through their nursing careers.
  • Chapter-opening Learning Outcomes.
    • Helps students focus and define their learning as they read and study chapter material.
  • Chapter-end NCLEX style review questions and test tips.
    • Allows students to review chapter material and practice test-taking skills.
  • Chapter key points.
    • Reiterates important information from each chapter and stimulates a review of its content.
  • Clear, concise writing style.
    • Provides a straightforward presentation that is at an appropriate level for the basic nursing student.
  • Four-color art program.
    • Highlights major boxes and information (for quick retrieval) related to unique characteristics of specific population groups, manifestations and risk factor disorders, specific tests and procedures, and client teaching.

Author Bio

Burke, Karen M. : Clatsop Community College

LeMone, Priscilla : Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri

Mohn-Brown, Elaine : Chemeketa Community College

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing.

1. The Medical-Surgical Nurse.
2. The Adult Client in Health and Illness.
3. Community-Based Care of the Adult Client.
4. Guidelines for Health Assessment.

Alterations in Health Patterns.

5. Caring for Clients with Alterations in Fluid, Electrolyte, or Acid-Base Balance.
6. Caring for Clients in Pain.
7. Caring for Clients Having Surgery.
8. Caring for Clients with Cancer.
9. Caring for Clients Experiencing Loss, Grief, and Death.

Altered Health Management Responses.

10. Caring for Clients Experiencing Trauma or Critical Illness.
11. Caring for Clients with Problems of Substance Abuse.

Altered Immune System Responses.

12. Caring for Clients with Inflammation and Infections.
13. Caring for Clients with Altered Immunity.

Altered Integumentary System Problems.

14. Caring for Clients with Common Skin Problems.
15. Caring for Clients with Burns.

Altered Endocrine System Responses.

16. Caring for Clients with Pituitary, Thyroid, and Adrenal Disorders.
17. Caring for Clients with Diabetes Mellitus.

Altered Nutritional Responses.

18. Caring for Clients with Nutritional and Upper GI Disorders.
19. Caring for Clients with Gallbladder, Liver, and Pancreatic Disorders.

Altered Elimination Responses.

20. Caring for Clients with Bowel Disorders.
21. Caring for Clients with Kidney and Urinary Tract Disorders.

Altered Cardiovascular System Responses.

22. Caring for Clients with Cardiac Disorders.
23. Caring for Clients with Peripheral Vascular Disorders.
24. Caring for Clients with Hematologic and Lymphatic Disorders.

Altered Respiratory System Responses.

25. Caring for Clients with Upper Respiratory Disorders.
26. Caring for Clients with Lower Respiratory Disorders.

Altered Musculoskeletal System Responses.

27. Caring for Clients with Musculoskeletal Trauma.
28. Caring for Clients with Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Altered Neurologic System Responses.

29. Caring for Clients with Intracranial Disorders.
30. Caring for Clients with Degenerative Neurologic and Spinal Cord Disorders.

Altered Sensory Responses.

31. Caring for Clients with Eye and Ear Disorders.

Altered Sexual and Reproductive System Responses.

32. Caring for Male Clients with Reproductive System Disorders.
33. Caring for Female Clients with Reproductive System Disorders.
34. Caring for Clients with Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

A: Standard Precautions.
B: NANDA Nursing Diagnoses.
C: Laboratory Values.
D: Glossary.
E: NCLEX-PN Answers and Hints for Critical Thinking.

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Medical Surgical Nursing Care - With CD by Karen Burke, Priscilla LeMone and L. Mohn-Brown - ISBN 9780131714724