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Medieval and Tudor Drama: Twenty-Four Plays

Medieval and Tudor Drama: Twenty-Four Plays - 87 edition

Medieval and Tudor Drama: Twenty-Four Plays - 87 edition

ISBN13: 9780936839844

ISBN10: 0936839848

Medieval and Tudor Drama: Twenty-Four Plays by John Gassner - ISBN 9780936839844
Edition: 87
Copyright: 1987
Publisher: Applause Theatre Books
International: No
Medieval and Tudor Drama: Twenty-Four Plays by John Gassner - ISBN 9780936839844

ISBN13: 9780936839844

ISBN10: 0936839848

Edition: 87

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The rich tapestry of medieval belief, morality and manners shines through this comprehensive anthology of the twenty-four major plays that bridge the dramatic worlds of medieval and Tudor England. Here are the plays that paved the way to the Renaissance and Shakespeare. In John Gassner's extensively annotated collection, the plays regain their timeless appeal and display their truly international character and influence. Medieval and Tudor Drama remains the indispensable chronicle of a dramatic heritage-the classical plays of Hrotsvitha, folk and ritual drama, the passion play, the great morality play Everyman, the Interlude, Tudor comedies Ralph Roister Doister and Gammer Gurton's Needle, and the most famous of Tudor tragedies, Gorboduc. The texts have been modernized for today's readers and those composed in Latin have been translated into English.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Classical Heritage:

Hrotsvitha, Dulcitius and Paphnitius

Pagan Remains:

A Christmas Mumming,
The Play of Saint George

The Christian Ritual Beginnings:

The Quem Quaeritis Trope
A Pantomime for Easter Day
An Easter Resurrection Play
The Orlans Sepulcher

The English Passion Play:

The Creation and Fall of Lucifer
Man's Disobedience and the Fall of Man
The First Murder: The Murder of Abel
The Deluge: Noah and His Sons
The Brome: Abraham and Isaac
The Second Shepherd's Play
The Pageant of the Shearmen and Tailors of Coventry
The Death of Herod
The Betrayal of Christ
The (Wakefield) Crucifixion
The Resurrection, Harrowing of Hell, and the Last Judgement

The Cornish Passion Play:

The Cornwall Death of Pilate

The Morality Play:


The Interlude:

John Heywood, The Play Called the Four PP

Tudor Comedy:

Nicholas Udall, Ralph Roister Doister
"Mr. S" Gammer Gurton's Needle

Tudor Tragedy:

Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville, Gorboduc