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Mental Health Nursing / With 3.5" Disk

Mental Health Nursing / With 3.5" Disk - 4th edition

Mental Health Nursing / With 3.5" Disk - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780805316445

ISBN10: 0805316442

Mental Health Nursing / With 3.5" Disk by Karen Lee Fontaine and J. Sue Fletcher - ISBN 9780805316445
Edition: 4TH 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.
International: No
Mental Health Nursing / With 3.5" Disk by Karen Lee Fontaine and J. Sue Fletcher - ISBN 9780805316445

ISBN13: 9780805316445

ISBN10: 0805316442

Edition: 4TH 99

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Formerly titled Essentials of Mental Health Nursing, this leading text offers in-depth information in a manageable length as it presents concrete methods to help develop effective communication, assessment, and intervention techniques. Using the nursing process as the organizational framework - along with numerous clinical examples and nursing care plans - Mental Health Nursing, Fourth Edition builds students' confidence in their ability to turn theory into practice. The underlying theme is the importance of respecting clients' rights to their own values, beliefs, and decisions.

  • NEW! Critical Thinking Exercises feature brief scenarios and ask students to determine the appropriate responses. Suggested answers to the scenarios are in the Appendix, providing immediate feedback on decision-making skills.
  • NEW! Critical Pathways offer guidelines for planning and implementing care for clients with specific mental health disorders. These pathways prepare and expose students to a tool commonly used in many clinical situations.
  • NEW! Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) taxonomy, the first comprehensive standardized language used to describe the interventions nurses perform, is included.
  • NEW! The text includes two new chapters - Chapter 2, 'The Family and Community in Mental Health Nursing,' and Chapter 16, 'Grief and Loss.'
  • NEW! Updated throughout, this edition has an increased emphasis on spirituality and the art of nursing - caring. Additional content is included in Chapter 12, 'Schizophrenic Disorders,' on the homeless population, culture-specific content, case management, community treatment settings, and psychiatric rehabilitation for successful living and working in the community. Chapter 19, 'Sexual Violence,' includes added material on sexual harassment and culture specific characteristics.
  • NEW! Self-Help Boxes are updated with website information for major mental health organizations.
  • NEW! A free Student Tutorial disk, packaged with each new textbook, includes 150 NCLEX-style questions with complete rationales for all possible answers.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

PART 1: Foundations of Mental Health Nursing

1. Introduction to Mental Health Nursing

2. The Family and Community in Mental Health Nursing

3. The Role of Cultural Diversity in Mental Health Nursing

4. Neurobiology and Behavior

PART 2: Skills for Clinical Practice

5. Communicating and Teaching

6. Common Clinical Problems

7. Treatment Modalities

8. Psychopharmacology

PART 3: Mental Disorders

9. Anxiety Disorders

10. Eating Disorders

11. Mood Disorders

12. Schizophrenic Disorders

13. Substance-Related Disorders

14. Personality Disorders

15. Cognitive Impairment Disorders

PART 4: Crisis

16. Grief and Loss

17. Suicide

18. Domestic Violence

19. Sexual Violence

PART 5: Special Populations and Topics

20. Disorders of Children and Adolescents

21. Disorders of 'lder Adults

22. Psychophysiologic Disorders

23. Legal and Ethical Issues

Appendix A: DSM-IV Classification
Appendix B: NANDA-Approved Nursing Diagnostic Categories
Appendix C: Answers to Review Questions
Appendix D: Suggested Answers to Critical Thinking in Action Questions
Appendix E: Process Recordings
Appendix F: Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC)