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Micro Economy Today

Micro Economy Today - 11th edition

Micro Economy Today - 11th edition

ISBN13: 9780073287126

ISBN10: 0073287121

Micro Economy Today by Bradley R. Schiller - ISBN 9780073287126
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 11TH 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Richard D. Irwin, Inc.
International: No
Micro Economy Today by Bradley R. Schiller - ISBN 9780073287126

ISBN13: 9780073287126

ISBN10: 0073287121

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 11TH 08

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Bradley Schiller's The Microeconomy Today through six editions has a proven track record as a quality text that provides students with a lively and comprehensible introduction to economics. Text and graphs are carefully integrated to help students understand and retain the often complex theories and concepts. Schiller's engaging writing style,careful pedagogy,excellent use of current real-world examples,and outstanding policy coverage are all proven successful features of The Microeconomy Today. One objective of the Microeconomy Today is to introduce students to the controversies and issues that are associated with both theory and policy. Competing views are often graphically explained side-by-side to clearly illustrate the obvious theoretical differences. The result is that Schiller has no overt point of view due to its balanced presentation.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Schiller: The Micro Economy Today, 11/e Contents in Brief Preface

Part 1 The Economic Challenge

Chapter 1 Economics: The Core Issues Appendix: using Graphs

Chapter 2 The U.S. Economy: A Global View

Chapter 3 Supply and Demand

Chapter 4 The Public Sector

Part 2 Product Markets: The Basics

Chapter 5 Consumer Demand Appendix: Indifference Curves

Chapter 6 The Costs of Production

Part 3 Market Structure

Chapter 7 The Competitive Firm

Chapter 8 Competitive Markets

Chapter 9 Monopoly

Chapter 10 Oligopoly

Chapter 11 Monopolistic Competition

Part 4 Regulatory Issues

Chapter 12 (De)Regulation of Business

Chapter 13 Environmental Protection

Chapter 14 The Farm Problem

Part 5 Factor Markets: Basic Theory

Chapter 15 The Labor Market

Chapter 16 Labor Unions

Chapter 17 Financial Markets

Part 6 Distributional Issues

Chapter 18 Taxes: Equity versus Efficiency

Chapter 19 Transfer Payments: Welfare and Social Security

Part 7 International Economics

Chapter 20 International trade

Chapter 21 International Finance

Chapter 22 Global Poverty