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Mind and Cognition : An Anthology

Mind and Cognition : An Anthology - 2nd edition

Mind and Cognition : An Anthology - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780631205456

ISBN10: 0631205454

Mind and Cognition : An Anthology by William Lycan - ISBN 9780631205456
Edition: 2ND 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers
International: No
Mind and Cognition : An Anthology by William Lycan - ISBN 9780631205456

ISBN13: 9780631205456

ISBN10: 0631205454

Edition: 2ND 99
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This volume represents a vital resource - a new edition of the highly successful collection of classic and contemporary articles in philosophy of mind and cognition.

First published in 1990, Mind and Cognition: An Anthology is established as arguably the most popular teaching apparatus for upper level undergraduate and graduate courses in the philosophy of mind. It provides the reader with an overview of the complex, sophisticated and sometimes conflicting developments in theories of mind that have taken place over the last 40 years, making available to students, teachers and researchers the very best and most influential contributions to the discipline.

Retaining the same successful format as the first edition, each updated section opens with a brief, synoptic introduction to the individual field and a comprehensive further reading list, followed by three to four of the most influential papers that have been written in the philosophy of mind over the last 40 years. Along with a new section on mental causation and completely revised subject and name indexes, the collection has been substantially revised throughout to bring the volume right up-to-date.

Author Bio

Lycan, William : University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

William G. Lycan is Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has published widely in the field of philosophy of mind and language. His publications include Consciousness (1987) and Judgement and Justification (1988). He is also editor of the journal Nous, also published by Blackwell.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part 1: Ontology: The Identity Theory and Functionalism

1. The Identity Theory: Is Consciousness a Brain Process?: U. T. Place.
2. Early Causal and Functionalist Views: The Causal Theory of Mind: D. M. Armstrong.
3. The Nature of Mental States: Hilary Putnam.
4. Anomalous Monism: Mental Events: Donald Davidson.
5. Homuncular and Teleological Functionalism: The Appeal to Tecit Knowledge in Psychological Explanation: Jerry A. Fodor.
6. The Continuity of Levels of Nature: William G. Lycan.
7. Putting the Function Back into Functionalism: Ellite Sober.

Part II: Instrumentalism

8. An Instrumentalist Theory: True Believers: The Intentional Strategy and Why it Works: Daniel C. Dennett.
9. Dennett on Intentional Systems: Stephen P Stich.
Real Patterns: Daniel C. Dennett.

Part III: Eliminativism and Neurophilosophy

11. Current Eliminativism: Eliminative Materialism and the Propositional Attitudes: Paul Churchland.
12. Neurophilosophy and Connectionism: Neural Representation and Neural Computation: Patricia Smith Churchland and Terrence Sejnowski.
13. The Case for Connectionism: William Bechtel.
14. What Might Cognition Be, If Not Computation?: Tim Van Gelder.

Part IV: The 'Language of Thought' Hypothesis

15. Defending the 'Language of Thought': Why There Still Has to Be a Language of Thought: Jerry A. Fodor.
16. Attacking the 'Language of Thought': Stalking the Wild Epistemic Engine: Paul M. Churchland and Patricia Smith Churchland.
17. Psychosemantics: Biosemantics: Ruth Garrett Millikan.
18. A Theory of Content: Jerry A. Fodor.

Part V: The Status of Folk Psychology

19. Attacking 'Folk Psychology': Autonomous Psychology and the Belief-Desire Thesis: Stephen P. Stich.
20. Defending 'Folk Psychology': Folk Psychology is Here to Stay: Terence Horgan and James Woodward.
21. The Debate of Narrow Content: A Narrow Representational Theory of the Mind: Michael Devitt.
22. Narrow Content Meets Fat Syntax: Stephen P. Stich.
23. Supervenient Causation: Mental Causation: Jaegwon Kim.
24. Type Epiphenomenalism, Type Dualism, and the Causal Priority of the Physical: Brian McLaughlin.
25. Wide Causation: Individualism and Supervenience: Jerry A. Fodor.
26. An A Priori Argument: The Argument from Causal Powers: Robert A. Wilson.
27. Self Knowledge: Knowing One's Mind: Donald Davidson.
28. Privileged Access: John Heil.
29. The Simulation Theory: Folk Psychology as Simulation: Robert Gordon.
30. The Mental Simulation Debate: Martin Davies.

Part VI: Consciousness, 'Qualia,' and Subjectivity

31. 'Qualia' - Based Objections to Functionalism: An Excerpt from 'Troubles with Functionalism': Ned Block.
32. Epiphenomenal Qualia: Frank Jackson.
33. Functionalist Responses: What Experience Teaches: David Lewis.
34. Understanding the Phenomenal Mind: Are We All Just Armadillos?: Robert Van Gulick.
35. The Representationalism Debate: The Intrinsic Quality of Experience: Gilbert Harman.
36. Inverted Earth: Ned Block.

Part VII: Emotion

37. Two Theories: Cognitive Theories of Emotions: Ronald Alan Nash.
37. Modularity, and the Psychoevolutionary Theory: Paul Griffiths.

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