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Modern Agricultural Mechanics

Modern Agricultural Mechanics - 2nd edition

Modern Agricultural Mechanics - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780813429243

ISBN10: 0813429242

Modern Agricultural Mechanics by Stanley R. Burke and T. J. Wakeman - ISBN 9780813429243
Edition: 2ND 92
Copyright: 1992
Publisher: Interstate Publishers, Inc.
International: No
Modern Agricultural Mechanics by Stanley R. Burke and T. J. Wakeman - ISBN 9780813429243

ISBN13: 9780813429243

ISBN10: 0813429242

Edition: 2ND 92

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Sketching, Drawing, and Plan Reading

1. Safety in Sketching, Drawing, and Plan Reading
2. Sketching and Drawing
3. Mechanical-Drawing Equipment
4. Basic Procedures for Mechanical Drawing
5. Lettering
6. Views of Objects
7. Freehand Sketching
8. Reading and Interpreting Plans
9. Bill of Materials
10. Problems
Review Questions

2. Tool Fitting

1. Tool Fitting
2. Safety in Tool Fitting
3. The Principles Involved in Cutting
4. Selecting and Using a Grinder
5. Sharpening Cutting-Edge Tools
6. Cleaning and Preserving Tools
7. Making Handles Secure
Review Questions

3. Metals

1. History and Importance of Metals
2. Properties of Metals
3. Structure of Metals
4. Terminology of Metals
5. Manufacturing of Steel
6. Classification of Metals with Some Descriptions and Uses
7. Identifying Metals
8. Cleaning and Preserving Metals
9. Miscellaneous Information About Metals
Review Questions

4. Hot Metalwork

1. Safety in Hot Metalwork
2. Selecting Equipment for Hot Metalwork
3. Heating Metal
4. Cutting Hot Metal
5. Drawing Out Metals
6. Upsetting Metals
7. Bending and Shaping Metal
8. Punching Holes in Hot Metal
9. Heat Treating Metal
10. Exercise in Shaping and Tempering a Cold Chisel
11. Review Questions

5. Cold Metalwork

1. Safety in Cold Metalwork
2. Identifying the Types of Steel Stock
3. Identifying Metals That Can Be Worked While Cold
4. Selecting and Using Layout Tools
5. Cutting Cold Metals
6. Shaping Stock
7. Filing
8. Drilling
9. Tapping and Threading
10. Bolting and Reveting
11. Removing Broken Bolts
12. Sawing Metals with Power Tools
13. Exercise in Making a Chipping Hammer
Review Questions

6. Arc Welding

1. Safety in Arc Welding
2. Selecting Equipment and Supplies
3. Electrodes
4. Welding Terminology and Basic Information
5. Installation and Maintenance
6. Preparing Metal for Welding
7. Fundamentals of Arc Welding
8. Exercises in Welding Mild Steel
9. Welding Cast Iron
10. Cutting and Grooving
11. Hardsurfacing
Review Questions

7. MIG and TIG Welding

1. Advantages of MIG Welding
2. Safety in MIG Welding
3. MIG Equipment
4. Shielding Gases
5. Metal Transfer Patterns
6. Electrode Wire
7. Machine Adjustment and Maintenace
8. Fundamentals of MIG Welding
9. Description, Advantages, and Development of TIG Welding
10. Safety in TIG Welding
11. Applications of TIG Welding
12. TIG Welding Process
13. TIG Equipment and Accessories
14. Shielding Gases: Purpose and Uses
15. TIG Welding Procedures
Review Questions

8. Oxy-Fuel Gas Welding

1. Safety in Oxy-Fuel Gas Welding
2. Selecting Gas Welding Equipment and Supplies
3. Setting Up Oxy-Fuel Gas Welding Equipment
4. Operating a Gas Welding Torch
5. Basic Oxy-Fuel Gas Welding Techniques
6. Fusion Welding Without a Rod
7. Welding with Steel and Bronze Rods
8. Welding Cast Iron
9. Hardsurfacing
10. Cutting with Gas
Review Questions

9. Soldering

1. Safety in Soldering, Brazing, and Sheet Metalwork
2. Soldering Terminology
3. Selecting Soldering Equipment
4. Types of Solder and Filler Metals
5. Soldering in Fluxes
6. Exercises in Soldering
7. Selecting Sheet Metal Equipment and Supplies
8. Laying Out and Cutting Sheet Metal
9. Bending and Shaping Sheet Metal
10. Using a Rivet Set
11. Using Self-tapping Sheet Metal Screws
12. Making Sheet Metal Joints
Review Questions

10. Working with Microcomputers in Agricultural Mechanics

1. Safety in Using Microcomputers
2. Advantages of Microcomputers
3. Disadvantages of Microcomputers
4. Components of a Microcomputer System
5. Choosing a Microcomputer System
6. Maintaining Your System
7. Computer Network and Data Communications
8. Microcomputers in Agricultural Mechanics
Review Questions

11. Solar Energy

1. Solar Energy
2. Solar Heating Systems
3. Systems Compability
4. Building Design Considerations
5. Solar Heating Fundamentals
6. Solar Energy Terminology
Review Questions

12. Carpentry

1. Safety in Carpentry Work
2. Selecting Hardwood and Softwood Lumber by Grades
3. Stacking, Seasoning, and Storing Lumber
4. Calculating Lumber Volume by Board Feet
5. Measuring and Marking Wood
6. Laying Out and Cutting Rafters and Step Stringers
7. Selecting and Installing Insulation
8. Identifying and Selecting Nails and Fasteners
9. Identifying and Using Nail Hammers, Wrecking Bars, and Moisture Meters
Review Questions

13. Hand and Portable Power Tool Woodworking

1. Safety and Hand and Portable Power Tool Woodworking
2. Handsaws and Portable Power Saws
3. Hand Planes, Scrapers, Rasps, Surforms(R), Sanders, and Abrasives
4. Wood Chisels
5. Drills
6. Bit Braces
7. Screw Drivers
8. Wood Screws and Bolts
9. Routers
10. Glue and Clamps
Review Questions

14. Power Woodworking

1. Safety in Power Woodworking
2. Table Saws
3. Radial-Arm Saws
4. Band Saws
5. Jointers,
6. Thickness Planers
7. Drill Presses
8. Power and Hand Woodworking Tool Exercise
Review Questions

15. Painting and Preserving

1. Safety in Painting and Preserving
2. Paint Terminology
3. Paint Types, Selection, and Labels
4. Methods of Application; Equipment and Supplies
5. Preparing Surfaces for Painting
6. Applying Paint
7. Paint Failures
8. Wood Preservatives and Finishings
Review Questions

16. Plumbing

1. Safety in Plumbing Work
2. Selecting Equipment and Supplies
3. Selecting Pipe
4. Selecting Fittings
5. Measuring Steel and Wrought-Iron Pipe
6. Cutting and Reaming Steel and Wrought-Iron Pipe
7. Threading Steel and Wrought-Iron Pipe
8. Connecting Steel and Wrought-Iron Pipe with a Pipe Wrench
9. Protecting Plumbing from Freezing
10. Repairing a Leaky Faucet or Value
11. Repairing Flushing Tanks
12. Cleaning Out Traps and Drains
13. Plumbing Exercise
Review Questions

17. Masonry

1. Safety in Masonry Work
2. Concrete Materials
3. Concrete Mixtures
4. Estimating the Quantity of Concrete Materials Needed
5. Pouring Concrete in Cold Weather
6. Methods of Mixing Concrete
7. Concrete Forms and Concrete Reinforcing
8. Placing the Concrete
9. Finishing the Concrete Surface
10. Curing Concrete
11. Coloring Concrete
12. Concrete Masonary Units
13. Mixing Mortar
14. Laying Out and Laying a Block Wall
15. Construction with Surface Bonding
Review Questions

18. Electricity

1. Safety in Electrical Work
2. Electrical Terminology
3. Planning the Wiring System
4. Electric Motor Types and Maintenace
5. Grounding Electrical Devices
6. Maintaining the Wiring System
7. Splices and Connectors
8. Electric Fence Components
9. Electricity Exercises
Review Questions

19. Careers in Agricultural Mechanics

1. Importance of Agricultural Mechanics to Agriculture
2. Major Areas of Agricultural Mechanics
3. Entry-Level and Technical-Level Career Opportunities in Agricultural Mechanics
4. Professional Careers in Agricultural Mechanics

Review Questions