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Modules for Basic Nursing Skills, Volume I

Modules for Basic Nursing Skills, Volume I - 6th edition

Modules for Basic Nursing Skills, Volume I - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9780397551712

ISBN10: 0397551711

Modules for Basic Nursing Skills, Volume I by Janice R. Ellis - ISBN 9780397551712
Edition: 6TH 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: Lippincott-Raven Publishers
International: No
Modules for Basic Nursing Skills, Volume I by Janice R. Ellis - ISBN 9780397551712

ISBN13: 9780397551712

ISBN10: 0397551711

Edition: 6TH 96

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Fifty-eight self-contained modules make up this two-volume comprehensive skills and procedures text. Organized by broad nursing concepts, the modules progress from less complex to more complex. The flexible format encourages individual organization--students learn in their own way, at their own pace, while instructors benefit from a more personally molded curriculum. Considerably updated and now in two-color, this sixth edition offers an abundance of photographs, tables, charts, and illustrations, as well as many new features, including: critical thinking exercises in every module; more focus on long-term care and home care; new documentation examples including computerized and focus charting; new skills guidelines for tympanic membrane thermometer, pulse oximetry, and continuous passive motion (CPM) machines; listing of newer infection control concerns regarding tuberculosis and infection transmission in CPR; an expanded performance checklist that allows more room for student feedback; and three new symbols that act as alerts for substance precautions, long-term care and home care considerations.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Unit I: Foundation Skills

1. An Approach to Nursing Skills
2. Basic Infection Control
3. Safety
4. Basic Body Mechanics
5. Documentation

Unit II: Assessment Skills

6. Introduction to Assessment Skills
7. Temperature, Pulse, and Respiration
8. Blood Pressure
9. The Nursing Physical Assessment
10. Intake and Output
11. Collecting Specimens and Performing Common Laboratory Tests
12. Assisting with Diagnostic an Therapeutic Procedures
13. Admission, Transfer, and Discharge

Unit III: Fundamental Personal Care Skills

14. Bedmaking
15. Moving the Patient in Bed and Positioning
16. Feeding Adult Patients
17. Assisting with Elimination and Perineal Care
18. Hygiene
19. Basic Infant Care

Unit IV: Assisting with Activity and Rest

20. Transfer
21. Ambulation: Simple Assisted and Using Cane, Walker, or Crutches
22. Range-of-Motion Exercises
23. Caring for Patients with Casts and Braces
24. Applying and Maintaining Traction
25. Special Mattresses and Therapeutic Frames and Beds

Unit V: Providing For Comfort, Elimination, and Nutrition

26. Applying Bandages and Binders
27. Applying Heat and Cold
28. Administering Enemas
29. Tube Feeding

Unit VI: Procedures for Special Situations

30. Emergency Resuscitation Procedures
31. Postmortem Care

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