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Nonverbal Communication in Everyday Life

Nonverbal Communication in Everyday Life - 2nd edition

Nonverbal Communication in Everyday Life - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780205564439

ISBN10: 0205564437

Nonverbal Communication in Everyday Life by Martin S. Remland - ISBN 9780205564439
Edition: 2ND 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Nonverbal Communication in Everyday Life by Martin S. Remland - ISBN 9780205564439

ISBN13: 9780205564439

ISBN10: 0205564437

Edition: 2ND 04

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This text offers a comprehensive and critical approach to nonverbal communication, but keeps the material accessible by offering personal narratives that help students better understand the importance of nonverbal communication in their every day lives.In order to present a balanced approach to the subject, the text is divided into three sections.

Part One offers an introduction of key concepts and principles; Part Two presents the channels and functions of nonverbal systems; and Part Three covers skills that teach students to recognize nonverbal communication in daily, intimate, workplace, and mediated or electronic encounters. Each chapter opens with learning objectives that help students identify major ideas. In addition, students broaden their understanding through additional readings, self-assessments, quizzes, and observation exercises.

  • New! Every chapter includes the latest research and findings.
  • New! Updated Exercise and Reading boxes directly correlate to experiences in nonverbal communication.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Note: Each chapter begins with an Introduction.

I. Foundations

1. The Nature of Nonverbal Communication: A Communication Code Perspective

When Does Human Communication Occur?
When Is Communication Nonverbal?
The Basic Nonverbal Signaling Systems

2. The Functions of Nonverbal Communication: Human-Animal Connections

The Identification Function
The Relationship Function
The Emotion Function
The Delivery Function

3. The Development of Nonverbal Communication: Acquiring Everyday Skills

Nonverbal Communication Skills
The Development of Nonverbal Communication Skills
Individual Differences in Nonverbal Communication Skills
Education and Training

II. Codes and Functions

4. The Human Body: Signaling Multiple Identities

Communication Codes
Communication Functions

5. Space, Gaze, and Touch: An Approach-Avoidance Signaling System

Communication Codes
Communication Functions

6. Facial Expression: Communicating Emotions

Communication Codes
Communication Functions

7. Voice and Gesture: Speaking and Replacing Speech

Communication Codes
Communication Functions

III. Applications

8. Nonverbal Communication in Everyday Encounters

Casual Encounters: Building Conversational Rapport
Influential Encounters: Obtaining Compliance
Deceptive Encounters: Catching Liars

9. Nonverbal Communication in Intimate Encounters

Relational Intimacy and Nonverbal Communication
Nonverbal Communication in Intimate Encounters

10. Nonverbal Communication in Workplace Encounters

Superior-Subordinate Encounters: Communicating Status
Task-Oriented Encounters: Getting the Job Done

11. Nonverbal Communication in Mediated Encounters

Informative Encounters: Staying Connected
Persuasive Encounters: Resisting Influence
Entertaining Encounters: Absorbing Popular Culture