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Novell's CNE Study Guide for Net Ware 5.1/ With CD's

Novell's CNE Study Guide for Net Ware 5.1/ With CD's - 01 edition

Novell's CNE Study Guide for Net Ware 5.1/ With CD's - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780764547706

ISBN10: 0764547704

Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Novell Press
International: No

ISBN13: 9780764547706

ISBN10: 0764547704

Edition: 01

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Novell's CNE® Study Guide for NetWare® 5.1 Your Guide through the Jungle of CNE NetWare 5.1 Test Objectives David James Clarke's lively, authoritative Novell Study Guides have helped thousands of CNA and CNE candidates like you navigate the complexities of NetWare. Now this legendary trainer presents an invaluable road map through the new CNE NetWare 5.1 core courses. Filled with exam-savvy tips, hands-on exercises, and practical examples, it's just what you need to learn the material, attain your certification--and succeed in the real world. Inside, You'll Find Thorough Coverage of Courses 570, 575, 580, and 565

  • NetWare 5.1 installation, IP services, and Internet infrastructure
  • Advanced server, NDS, and security management, plus optimization
  • NDS preparation and tree design
  • NDS partitioning and time synchronization design, plus implementation
  • Troubleshooting fundamentals and tools
  • Troubleshooting NICs, hard drives, workstations, printers, and network fitness
  • Network elements and the OSI model
  • The Communications, Middle Layers, and Top Layers of the OSI model

2 CD-ROMS Included

  • 3-user version of NetWare 5.1 Server
  • NetWare 5.1 client software

System Requirements: Windows 95/NT workstation, 48MB hard disk space, NetWare 4.11 Server (Service Pack with 5b applied.) Watch for Future Updates

Author Bio

Clarke, David James IV :

David James Clarke, IV, CNISM, CNE, and CNA, has devoted his career to helping people attain Novell certification. He created the original CNA/CNE Study Guide series, which includes his bestselling "Novell's CNA Study Guide for NetWare® 5.1." An online professor at and cofounder of the Computer Telephony Institute, Clarke also developed the interactive Clarke Tests and produced the popular video series "So You Want to Be a CNE?!"

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


PART I: NetWare 5.1 Advanced Administration.

Chapter 1: NetWare 5.1 Installation.
Chapter 2: NetWare 5.1 IP Services.
Chapter 3: NetWare 5.1 Internet Infrastructure.
Chapter 4: NetWare 5.1 Advanced Server Management.
Chapter 5: NetWare 5.1 Advanced NDS Management.
Chapter 6: NetWare 5.1 Advanced Security Management.
Chapter 7: NetWare 5.1 Optimization.

PART II: NDS Design and Implementation.

Chapter 8: NDS Preparation.
Chapter 9: NDS Tree Design.
Chapter 10: NDS Partitioning and Time Synchronization Design.
Chapter 11: NDS Implementation.

PART III: Service and Support.

Chapter 12: Troubleshooting Fundamentals.
Chapter 13: Troubleshooting NICs.
Chapter 14: Troubleshooting Hard Drives.
Chapter 15: Troubleshooting Workstations.
Chapter 16: Troubleshooting Printing.
Chapter 17: Troubleshooting the Server and the Network.

PART IV: Networking Technologies.

Chapter 18: The OSI Model.
Chapter 19: The OSI Model -- Bottom Layers.
Chapter 20: The OSI Model -- Middle Layers.
Chapter 21: Middle Layer Protocol Families.
Chapter 22: The OSI Model -- Top Layers.

Appendix A: NetWare 5.1 Certification: A World of Knowledge.
Appendix B: CNE Cross-Reference to Novell Course Objectives.
Appendix C: Solutions to Exercises and Puzzles.
Appendix D: Just Do It! ACME Implementation Matrix.
Appendix E: Help! For More Information.
Appendix F: What's On the CD ROM.
End-User License Agreement.
CD-ROM Installation Instructions.