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Nursing Theory : Utilization and Application

Nursing Theory : Utilization and Application - 2nd edition

Nursing Theory : Utilization and Application - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780323011945

ISBN10: 0323011942

Nursing Theory : Utilization and Application by Martha R. Alligood and Ann M. Tomey - ISBN 9780323011945
Edition: 2ND 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: C.V. Mosby Co.
International: No
Nursing Theory : Utilization and Application by Martha R. Alligood and Ann M. Tomey - ISBN 9780323011945

ISBN13: 9780323011945

ISBN10: 0323011942

Edition: 2ND 02

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The purpose of Nursing Theory: Utilization and Application 2/e is to demonstrate theory based nursing practice, showing how nursing theory guides critical thinking for decision making in professional nursing practice. The text is presented in three parts:

Part One has four chapters, and covers such content areas as the history of professional nursing; areas of theory-based practice reported in tables and referenced in the nursing literature; three nursing philosophies, seven nursing models, and six theories presented in the context of the structure of nursing knowledge; and the ethical obligations of nursing and the moral imperatives in nursing philosophies, models and theories.

Part Two has been expanded to include applications of theory-guided nursing practice written by clinical experts in three sections: philosophies of nursing, nursing models, and middle-range theories of nursing.

Part Three contains two chapters that speak to expansion in two different ways. One chapter highlights nursing practice areas for expansion of theory-based practice, and the final chapter of the text issues a challenge based on nursing values and the
essential nature of theory-based nursing.


  • Presents an application focus as the central concept of this text, whereby the authors describe each particular theory and then apply it to real situations encountered by nurses today
  • Designed to be used as a companion text to the Marriner Tomey/Alligood: Nursing Theorists and Their Work , presenting the application aspect of the core theory knowledge presented in the Marriner Tomey text
  • Case history focus presents the same case study (Debbie) in most chapters, and applies each particular theory to this same patient, allowing comparison of the various nursing care approaches presented in the text
  • Incorporates the critical thinking process in all of the Application chapters through the use of case studies, critical thinking tables, and the end-of-chapter exercises, fostering student's personal application of the theories presented
  • Presents a consistent chapter format throughout most of the text, providing a comprehensive base of theory knowledge to promote student learning
  • Links philosophies, models, and theories to provide sound knowledge for practice and explain the evolution of nursing theory

What's New

  • A New ethics chapter in Part I titled Philosophies, Models, and Theories: Moral Obligations will discuss how moral imperatives for patient care emerged and how the imperatives are used within the philosophies, models, and theories presented in the text.
  • The addition of three nursing philosophies in Part II, Nightingale, Watson, and Benner , provides students with an historical perspective of earlier works that have preceded theories which guide practice. This content will also tie in with the same philosophies in the Marriner Tomey/Alligood text, Nursing Theorists and Their Work, 5e.
  • The addition of six theories in Part II, Orlando, Modeling and Role-Modeling, Mercer, Leininger, Parse, and Newman , can be used in application to nursing practice. These theories will tie in with the same theories included in the Marriner Tomey/Alligood, Nursing Theorists and Their Work, 5e.

Author Bio

Alligood, Martha R. :

Martha Raile Alligood , PhD, RN, Professor and Chair, MSN Program, College of Nursing, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.

Tomey, Ann M. :

Ann Marriner Tomey , RN, PhD, FAAN, Professor, Indiana State University School of Nursing, Leadership and Management Consultant, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part One Conceptualization

The Nature of Knowledge Needed for Nursing Practice
Nursing Models: Normal Science for Nursing Practice
Philosophies, Models, and Theories: Critical Thinking Structures
Philosophies, Models, and Theories: Moral Obligations (NEW)

Part Two Application

Section One Nursing Philosophies

Nightingale's Philosophy in Nursing Practice (NEW)
Watson's Philosophy in Nursing Practice (NEW)
Benner's Philosophy in Nursing Practice (NEW)

Section Two Nursing Models

Johnson's Behavioral System Model in Nursing Practice
King's Systems Framework and Theory in Nursing Practice
Levine's Conservation Model in Nursing Practice
Neuman's Systems Model in Nursing Practice
Orem's Self-Care Deficit Theory in Nursing Practice
Rogers' Science of Unitary Human Beings in Nursing Practice
Roy's Adaptation Model in Nursing Practice

Section Three Nursing Theories

Orlando's Nursing Process Theory in Nursing Practice (NEW)
Modeling and Role-Modeling Theory in Nursing Practice (NEW)
Mercer's Maternal Role Attainment Theory in Nursing Practice (NEW)
Leininger's Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality in Nursing Practice (NEW)
Parse's Theory of Human Becoming in Nursing Practice (NEW)
Newman's Theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness in Nursing Practice (NEW)

Part Three Evaluation and Expansion

Areas for Further Development of Theory-Based Nursing Practice
Future Directions for Theory-Based Nursing Practice