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Oceania : Cultures and Identities of Pacific Islanders

Oceania : Cultures and Identities of Pacific Islanders - 02 edition

Oceania : Cultures and Identities of Pacific Islanders - 02 edition

ISBN13: 9780890894446

ISBN10: 0890894442

Oceania : Cultures and Identities of Pacific Islanders by Strathern, Stewart, Carucci, Poyer, Feinberg and Macpherson - ISBN 9780890894446
Edition: 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Carolina Academic Press
International: No
Oceania : Cultures and Identities of Pacific Islanders by Strathern, Stewart, Carucci, Poyer, Feinberg and Macpherson - ISBN 9780890894446

ISBN13: 9780890894446

ISBN10: 0890894442

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This entirely new book is written collaboratively by experts on different regions of Oceania. It presents a unique tool for instructors and general readers who wish to become more familiar with the peoples of the Pacific and for scholars looking for an analytical conspectus on this part of the world. Oceania combines surveys of prehistory and history with careful discussions of cultural patterns and problems arising out of contemporary political and economic change. Many of the issues discussed relate to concerns in other global regions, including North America and Australia.
General discussions on specific islands or sub-regions are followed by wide-ranging studies that bring together classic themes and recent issues as viewed in current scholarship. Readers will find the book easy to understand, and instructors will find the layout of the materials easy to set into course syllabi. Each section of the book probes issues that are significant for the study of the peoples of Oceania. These issues range from the contemporary interpretation and manifestation of traditional concepts such as "aloha" ("pity," "love," "affection," "sympathy," or "empathy") to the development of ethnicity and political conflict between local and national levels within the state, to the long-term influence of forms of Christianity and their intertwining with indigenous religion and ritual.

Throughout the book authors Strathern, Stewart, Carucci, Poyer, Feinberg, and Macpherson emphasize the vitality and adaptability of Pacific Islanders in the context of rapid and continuing transformations in their life worlds.

Author Bio

Strathern, Andrew J. : University of Pittsburgh

Andrew J. Strathern is a Mellon Professor of Anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Stewart, Pamela J. : University of Pittsburgh

Pamela J. Stewart is an Anthropology Research Associate at the University of Pittsburgh.

Carucci, Larry M. : Montana State University

Larry M. Carucci is a professor in the Sociology and Anthropology Dept. at Montana State University.

Poyer, Lin : University of Wyoming

Lin Poyer is a professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Wyoming.

Feinberg, Richard : Kent State University

Richard Feinberg is a professor in the Anthropology Dept. at Kent State University.

Macpherson, Cluny : University of Auckland

Cluny Macpherson is a professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Auckland.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

by Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern
Oceania: An Introduction to the Cultures and Identities of Pacific Islanders 3
Acknowledgments 7
References 7

Part I
by Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart

The South-West Pacific 11

Fiji 15

Chiefship and Political Change in Fiji 15
Medicine and Morality in Fiji 18

New Caledonia 21

New Caledonia: Chiefship and Historical Change 22

Vanuatu 25

Status Acquisition in Vanuatu: Art and Power 26

The Solomon Islands 29

Land and Sea: Historical Changes in Marovo Lagoon, New Georgia 30
Exchange and Social Change on Choiseul Island 33
Christianity in the Solomon Islands (Kwara'ae) 37

New Guinea 40

The Asmat of Irian Jaya: Art and Its Changing Meanings 46
Sung Ballads from the Hagen and Duna Areas of the Highlands of
Papua New Guinea 49
The Use of Natural Resources in Papua New Guinea 52
Agriculture and Change in the New Guinea Highlands 54
Warfare, Exchange, and Gender Relations in New Guinea 58
Ancestors and Christianity in Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea 64
"Cargo Cults" and Millenarian Movements as Objects of Study 66
Myth and Change (Duna, Papua New Guinea) 71
Medicine and Change in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea 73

An Overview of Political Problems: The Legacies of Colonial and
Post-Colonial Practices in the South-West Pacific 75
Photographs 79
References 89 5

Part II
by Richard Feinberg and Cluny Macpherson

The "Eastern Pacific" 101

Prehistory 106
Polynesian Seafaring 108
Subsistence and Expressive Arts 114
Central Themes in Polynesian Culture 117

Honor 117
Mana 118
Tapu 119
Aloha 119
Descent 121

European Contact 121
Contemporary Issues 130

The Maori of Aotearoa 131

European Contact 132
The Twentieth Century 134
Summary 138

Samoa 139

Prehistory 139
European Contact 142
Post-Independence 145
Looking toward the Future 147

Anuta 147

Economic and Religious Conflict 149
Rapprochement and Continuing Stress 151

Conclusion 153
Photographs 155
Acknowledgements 165
Notes 165
References 167

Part III
by Laurence M. Carucci and Lin Poyer

The West Central Pacific 183

Ecology and Society 183

Subsistence 185

Prehistory 187

Introduction to the Archaeology of Micronesia 187
Western Micronesia 188
Eastern Micronesian Prehistory 190
Topics in Micronesian Archaeology 192
Micronesia's Complex Chiefdoms 193
Exchange and Inter-Island Contacts 195

Linguistics 196
Identity -- Carolines and Marianas 199
The Mariana Islands 200 6
Guam 201
Northern Marianas Islands 204
Central Micronesia 206
Marshall Islands Identity 208

Ritual Practice and the Projection of Local Identity 211

Kiribati Identity 213
Classic Themes in Micronesian Identity 213

The Winds of Change:" Freedo-Pendence" and the Global Marketplace 214

Banaba 215
Bikini (and other S/ Pacific Locations: Enewetak, Rongelap,
Utedik, and Kwajalein) 216
Econ 101, Pohnpeian Style 219

Religious Change through History and Revitalization 220

Religious Background 220
The Introduction of Christianity 220
Christianity under Colonial Rule 222
The Japanese Era and the Pacific War 223
Micronesian Independence and Indigenous Churches 224
Religion as Resistance 226
Christianity and Cultural Identity 228

Reification of Culture and the Politics of Tradition 230

Images of the Future 234

Photographs 237
References 243

About the Authors 251
Index 253

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Oceania by Strathern - ISBN 9781531001841