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Organizational Behavior - With CD

Organizational Behavior - With CD - 2nd edition

Organizational Behavior - With CD - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780073138336

ISBN10: 0073138339

Organizational Behavior - With CD by Angelo Kinicki - ISBN 9780073138336
Edition: 2ND 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Richard D. Irwin, Inc.
International: No
Organizational Behavior - With CD by Angelo Kinicki - ISBN 9780073138336

ISBN13: 9780073138336

ISBN10: 0073138339

Edition: 2ND 06

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New Features

  • Expanded Ethics coverage now includes a comprehensive module following Chapter 1, and Ethical Dilemma exercise at the end of each chapter. The Ethical Dilemmas raise contemporary ethical issues, ask tough questions, and have corresponding interpretations at the Online Learning Center.

  • All 17 Opening Vignettes for the chapters and Ethics module are new; 24 of the Skillls & Best Practices boxes are new; and there are 5 new Hands-On exercises.

  • 58 New topics make this 2nd edition more comprehensive and completely up to date.

  • 42 Skills & Best Practices boxes provide instructive and interesting practical applications of key concepts.

  • 270+ Source material references dated 2004 indicate a thorough revision and an up-to-date textbook.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part One Managing People in a Global Economy

Chapter One Needed: People-Centered Managers and Workplaces
Chapter Two Organizational Culture, Socialization, and Mentoring
Chapter Three Developing Global Managers

Part Two Managing Individuals

Chapter Four Understanding Social Perception and Managing Diversity
Chapter Five Appreciating Individual Differences: Self-Concept, Personality, Emotions
Chapter Six Motivation I: Needs, Job Design, Intrinsic Motivation, and Satisfaction
Chapter Seven Motivation II: Equity, Expectancy, and Goal Setting
Chapter Eight Improving Performance with Feedback, Rewards, and Positive Reinforcement

Part Three Making Decisions and Managing Social Processes

Chapter Nine Making Decisions
Chapter Ten Effective Groups and Teamwork
Chapter Eleven Managing Conflict and Negotiating

Part Four Managing Organizational Processes

Chapter Twelve Communicating in the Internet Age
Chapter Thirteen Influence, Power, and Politics: An Organizational Survival Kit
Chapter Fourteen Leadership

Part Five Managing Evolving Organizations

Chapter Fifteen Designing Effective Organizations
Chapter Sixteen Managing Change and Organizational Learning