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Paradigm College Accounting 1-12 (Revised)

Paradigm College Accounting 1-12 (Revised) - 4th edition

Paradigm College Accounting 1-12 (Revised) - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780763819996

ISBN10: 0763819999

Paradigm College Accounting 1-12 (Revised) by Robert Dansby, Burton Kaliski and Michael Lawrence - ISBN 9780763819996
Edition: 4TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Paradigm Publishing Intl.
International: No
Paradigm College Accounting 1-12 (Revised) by Robert Dansby, Burton Kaliski and Michael Lawrence - ISBN 9780763819996

ISBN13: 9780763819996

ISBN10: 0763819999

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Paradigm College Accounting, Fourth Edition Revised continues this author team's successful approach of blending the why with the how of accounting. This applied, theory-based approach allows students to master the how because they understand the why.


  • Program blends theory and concepts into the discussion of procedures and applications through examples so students master all aspects of accounting.
  • Textbook features a friendly, crisp, and conversational writing style that engages students and makes difficult concepts easy to understand.
  • Problems are classroom tested for accuracy and all solutions verified by CPAs.
  • Joining the Pieces illustrative chapter summaries present a visual review of the chapter's major concepts, entries, or terms.
  • Problem Solving, Communications, and Ethics problems at the end of the chapter challenge students to test their skills and to demonstrate their understanding of the reasoning behind the accounting procedures. These provide a source of discussion topics or writing assignments.
  • Three Comprehensive Review Problems are "mini-practice sets" requiring students to combine theory and procedures from several chapters in a multi-step, authentic problem simulating a real accounting situation.
  • Note, Remember, and Caution boxes placed within the narrative to provide students with helpful information on chapter topics.
  • Appendix material covering "The Voucher System"

Author Bio

Dansby, Robert : Columbus Technical College

Kaliski, Burton : Southern New Hampshire University

Lawrence, Michael : Portland Community College

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. The Nature of Accounting.

2. Recording Business Transactions.

3. Starting the Accounting Cycle for a Service Business.

4. The Accounting Cycle Continued -- Work Sheet, Financial Statements, and Adjusting Entries.

5. Completing the Accounting Cycle for a Service Business -- Closing Entries and the Post-Closing
Trial Balance.

Comprehensive Review Problem 1: Fred Hayes Photography Studio.

6. Cash and the Combined Journal.

7. Accounting for a Merchandising Business -- Purchases and Cash Payments.

8. Accounting for a Merchandising Business -- Sales and Cash Receipts.

9. Work Sheet and Adjustments for a Merchandising Business.

10. Financial Statements and Closing Entries for a Merchandising Business.

Comprehensive Review Problem 2: Mills Sporting Goods Store.

11. Accounting for Payroll -- Employee Earnings and Deductions.

12. Accounting for Payroll -- Employer Taxes and Reports.

Comprehensive Review Problem 3: Carlson Company.