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Perspectives From Past : Primary Sources in Western Civilizations - Volume II, From the Early Modern Era through Contemporary Times

Perspectives From Past : Primary Sources in Western Civilizations - Volume II, From the Early Modern Era through Contemporary Times - 98 edition

Perspectives From Past : Primary Sources in Western Civilizations - Volume II, From the Early Modern Era through Contemporary Times - 98 edition

ISBN13: 9780393958799

ISBN10: 0393958795

Perspectives From Past : Primary Sources in Western Civilizations -  Volume II, From the Early Modern Era through Contemporary Times by James M. Brophy, Steven Epstein, C. Nilan, J. Robertson and T. Safley - ISBN 9780393958799
Edition: 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co.
International: No
Perspectives From Past : Primary Sources in Western Civilizations -  Volume II, From the Early Modern Era through Contemporary Times by James M. Brophy, Steven Epstein, C. Nilan, J. Robertson and T. Safley - ISBN 9780393958799

ISBN13: 9780393958799

ISBN10: 0393958795

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Includes over three hundred primary sources

Provides a rich variety of selections including literature, eyewitness accounts, and public documents

Offers pieces that range in length from one to seven pages

Takes a Continental perspective that gives a wide view of history-incorporates documents from political, cultural, social, and economic history

Uses broad themes to make numerous connections within and across periods

Includes pedagogical aids: an introduction to reading documents, development of contextual foundation, headnotes; non-interpretive footnotes, and several review questions

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 14 A Century of Crisis for Early Modern Europe

Jean Bodin from Of Sovereignty
The Plague from "Instructions of the Health Board of Florence"
Gianfrancesco Morosini from A Venetian Ambassador's Report on Spain
Reginald Scot from Discoverie of Witchcraft
Blaise Pascal from Lettres provinciales
John Donne, "The First Anniversarie"
Hans Jakob Christoph von Grimmelshausen from Simplicissimus
Thomas Hobbes from Leviathan
Michel Eyquem de Montaigne from "It is folly to measure the true and false by our own Capacity"

Chapter 15 The Economy and Society of Early Modern Europe

Lorenzo Bernardo from A Venetian Ambassador's Report on the Ottoman Empire
Thomas Mun from Discourse on England's Treasure by Forainge Trade
Jean Baptiste Poquelin(Moliere) from "The Citizen Who Ape the Nobleman"
Robert Filmer from Patriarcha
Jean Baptiste Colbert "A Memorandum, 1670"
Jean Baptiste Colbert "A Memorandum, 1667"
Anne Robert Jacques Turgot from Reflections on the Accumulation and Distribution of Wealth
William Goudge from Of Domesticall Duties
Marquis de Vauban from Description geographique de l'Election de Vezelay

Chapter 16 The Age of Absolutism (1660-1789)

Louis XIV from Revocation of the Edict of Nantes
John Locke from Two Treatises on Government
Jacques-Benigne Bossuet from Politics Drawn from the Very Words of Holy Scripture
Duc de Saint-Simon from Historical Memoirs of Duc de Saint-Simon
Frederick II, the Great, from Antimachiavell
Hugo Grotius from On the Law of War and Peace

Chapter 17 The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment

Baron de La Brede et de Montesquieu from The Spirit of the Laws
Marquis de Condorcet from Outline of a Historical View of the Progress of the Human Mind
Jean-Jacques Rousseau from The Social Contract and Discourses
Immanuel Kant from "What Is Enlightenment?"
David Hume from A Treatise on Human Nature
Voltaire from Letters Concerning the English Nation
Issac Newton from The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
Francis Bacon from The Great Institution
Galileo Galilei from The Starry Messenger and The Assayer
Blaise Pascal from Pensees
René Descartes from Discourses on Method
Jeanne Manon Philipon Roland de la Platiere from Memoirs

Chapter 18 The French Revolution

Arthur Young from Travels in France during the Years 1787, 1788, 1789
Thomas Jefferson The Declaration of Independence
Abbe Sieyes from "What Is the Third Estate?
Third Estate of Dourdan from Grievance Petitions
The Third Estate from The Tennis Court Oath
Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
from The Law of Suspects
Decrees Establishing the French Era and the Worship of the Supreme Being
Olympe de Gouges, Declaration of the Rights of Woman
National Convention, The National Convention Outlaws Clubs and Popular Societies of Women
Edmund Burke from Reflections on the Revolution in France
Thomas Paine from The Rights of Man
William Wordsworth from The Prelude
Napoleon Bonaparte from The Letters of Napoleon
Victor Hugo "To the Napoleon Column"

Chapter 19 The Industrial Revolution

Adam Smith from An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations
Andrew Ure from The Philosophy of Manufactures
Thomas Malthus from Essay on Population
Factory Rules of Berlin
Friedrich List, Promotion of the Leipzig-Dresden Railway
Friedrich List, National System of Political Economy
Thomas Banfield from Industry of the Rhine
St. Simon, "The Incoherence and Disorder of Industry"
Robert Owen, A New View of Society
Karl Marx from "Estranged Labor"

Chapter 20 Consequences of Industrialization: Urbanization and Class Consciousness

The Black Dwarf from An Address by a Journeyman Cotton Spinner
The Life and History of Captain Swing, the Kent Rick Burner, Written by Himself
Richard Oastler's from "Yorkshire Slavery"
Flora Tristan from London Journal
Friederich Engels from Condition of the English Working Class
Louis Blanc, History of Ten Years, 183-1840
Francis Place, The People's Charter and National Petition (1839)
Heinrich Heine, "The Weavers"
Karl Marx and Friederich Engels from Manifesto of the Communist Party
Sam Smiles from Thrift
Isabella Beeton from Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management
Elizabeth Poole Sanford from Woman in Her Social and Domestic Character

Chapter 21 The Rise of Liberalism

Marquis de Condorcet from A Sketch for the Historical Picture of the Progress of the Human Mind
Mary Wollstonecraft from The Vindication of the Rights of Women
Benjamin Constant from the Principles of Politics
Klemens von Metternich, Letter, 24 June 1832 (Six Articles)
W. J. Fox from "Speech on Corn Laws"
Alexander Herzen from The Other Shore
John Stuart Mill from On Liberty
Alexander II, Manifesto Emancipating the Serfs
Jules Ferry "The State Must Be Secular" and "Letters to Teachers"
Pope Leo XIII from "About New Things" (Rerum Novarum)

Chapter 22 Nationalism and Nation-Building

Johann Gottfried Herder from Reflections on the Philosophy of the History of Mankind
Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle "La Marseillaise"
Levee en Masse Edict
Johann Gottlieb Fichte from Speeches to the German Nation
Heinrich von Gagern, Letter, 17 June 1818
Lord Byron "On This Day I Complete My Thirty-Sixth Year"
Adam Mickiewicz from "The Books of the Polish Nation"
Alexi Stepanovich Khomyakov, "To the Serbs: An Epistle from Moscow"
Giuseppe Mazzini from Duties of Man
Thomas Davis from Letters of a Protestant on Repeal
Otto von Bismarck from Memoirs
Maurice Barres from The Nancy Program

Chapter 23 The Progress of International Industrialization and Competition(1870-1914)

E. D. Howard, The Cause and Extent of the Recent Industrial Progress of Germany
E. Levasseur, "The Paris Department Store"
Frederick W. Taylor The Principles of Scientific Management
E. Bernstein from Evolutionary Socialism
Friedrich Fabri, "Does Germany Need Colonies"
David Livingstone, Speech from 1857
Edward D. Morel from "The Black Man's Burden"
Ernest Edwin Williams, Made in Germany
Eyre Crowe, Memorandum on the Present State of British Relations with France and Germany

Chapter 24 The Middle Class Challenged

Henrik Ibsen from Doll's House
Emmeline Pankhurst, "Why We Are Militant"
Georges Sorel from Reflections on Violence
Houston Stewart Chamberlain from Foundations of the Nineteenth Century
Charles Darwin from The Origin of the Species
Thomas Henry Huxley "Evolution and Ethics"
Friedrich Nietzsche from Genealogy of Morals
Fyodor Dostoyevsky from Notes from the Underground
Sigmund Freud from "Five Lectures of Psychoanalysis"
Guillaume Apollinaire "On Painting"

Chapter 25 A Delicate Equilibrium(1870-1914)

Clara Zetkin on The Organization of Women Workers
Edward Drumont on Anti-Semitism in France
Elizabeth Robbins from The Convert
Konstantin Pobedonostsov from Reflections of a Russian Statesman
Vladimir Lenin from "Our Programme"
Entangling Alliances: Great Power Treaties, 1870-1914
Friedrich von Bernhardi from Germany and the Next War
Balkan Nationalism: The Constitution of the Black Hand

Chapter 26 The First World War

The Trench Poets of World War I: Rupert Brooke, Alan Seeger, Wilfred Owen, Edgell Rickword
Henri Barbusse from Under Fire: The Story of a Squad
Ernst Junger from Storm of Steel
R. Scotland Liddell from On The Russian Front
The Homefront: Madame Lucie Gets Married
Vera Brittain from Testament of Youth
The Versailles Treaty
John Maynard Keynes from The Economic Consequences of Peace

Chapter 27 Turmoil Between the Wars

John Reed from Ten Days That Shook the World
Alexander Kollantai from The Autobiography of Alexander Kollantai
Nadezhda Mandelstain from Hope against Hope
Benito Mussolini from "Born of a Need for Action"
Adolf Hitler from Mein Kampf
George Orwell from The Road to Wigan Pier
Sigmund Freud from Civilization and Its Discontents
Albert Einstein from "Why War?"
T.S. Eliot, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Chapter 28 The Second World War

Constance De La Mora from In Place of Splendor: The Autobiography of a Spanish Woman
Treaty of Non-Aggression between Germany and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Marc Bloch, Strange Defeat: A Statement of Evidence Written in 1940
Winston Churchill from "We Shall Defend Our Island Whatever the Cost"
Hilde Merchant from Women and Children Last: A Woman Reporter's Account of the Battle of Britain
Vassily Grossman from "In the Line of the Main Attack"
Amy Latour from Jewish Resistance in France, 1940-1944
Tadeus Borowski from "This Way For The Gas, Ladies and Gentleman"
from The Nuremberg Trials
Todataka Kuribayashi from " A Child's Experience: My Experiences of the Atomic Bomb"
The United Nations Charter

Chapter 29 New Power Relationships and the New Europe

Winston Churchill from The "Iron Curtain" Speech
George C. Marshall from The "Marshall Plan" Speech
Nikita Khrushchev from the "Secret" Speech
1968: French Students in Paris from "Your Struggle is Our Struggle!"
Union of Communist Youth from "The Workers' Red Flag is Flying over Renault"
Margaret Thatcher from "Speech to the Conservative Party Conference (10 October 1975)"
Jean-Yves Potel from "The Promise of Solidarity: Inside the Polish Workers' Struggle, 1980-1982"
Mihkail Gorbachev from "On Restructuring the Party's Personnel Policy"
Treaty on European Union (as amended on 7 February 1992)
Simone de Beauvoir from "The Second Sex"
Reinhold Wanleitner from Coca-Colonization and the Cold War

Chapter 30 Problems of World Civilization

Mahatma Gandhi from "The Doctrine of the Sword"
Mahatma Gandhi from "Non-Violence---The Greatest Force"
Frantz Fanon from The Wretched of the Earth
Ruhollah Khomeini from Islamic Government
Tomas Borge from "The New Education in the New Nicaragua"
Chai Ling from "I Am Still Alive"
from The United Nations Global Outlook for the Year 2000
Nigel Harris from The New Untouchables: Immigration and the New World Worker
Kathryn Kopinak from Desert Capitalism
from The United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, "Platform for Action"
Liubov Sirota, Chernobyl Poems
Howard H. Frederick from "Computer Networks and the Emergence of Global Civil Society"

Other Editions of Perspectives From Past : Primary Sources in Western Civilizations - Volume II, From the Early Modern Era through Contemporary Times

Perspectives from the Past : Primary Sources in Western Civilizations by James Brophy, Steven Epstein, Cat Nilan, Thomas Safley and Robertson - ISBN 9780393978223