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Perspectives in Astrophysical Cosmology

Perspectives in Astrophysical Cosmology - 99 edition

Perspectives in Astrophysical Cosmology - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780521645447

ISBN10: 0521645441

Perspectives in Astrophysical Cosmology by Martin J. Rees - ISBN 9780521645447
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
International: No
Perspectives in Astrophysical Cosmology by Martin J. Rees - ISBN 9780521645447

ISBN13: 9780521645447

ISBN10: 0521645441

Edition: 99

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In 1993, Professor Rees was invited by the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei to give a series of lectures reviewing the progress of cosmology and its future prospects. Based on those lectures, this volume is a unique synthesis of our understanding of modern cosmology. Many key issues and current controversies are considered, but throughout a clear distinction is maintained between aspects that now have a firm empirical basis, and those that remain speculative. Given the unique contribution Professor Rees has made to cosmology, this book will be welcomed both by researchers in the field, and beginning graduate students with a background in physics.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. The cosmological framework

Large-scale structure: how homogeneous is the universe?
High-redshift objects
Pre-galactic history
Status of the hot-big-bang hypothesis

2. Galaxies and dark matter

What are galaxies?
What is special about galactic dimensions?
Dark matter
What can the dark matter be?
How to discriminate among dark-matter options

3. Emergence of cosmic structure

Gravitational instability
The fluctuation spectrum at t[subscript rec]
Is the universe flat?
Classical methods for determining [Omega]
Clues from the microwave background
Dissipative effects for the baryon component
Is any simple hypothesis compatible with all the data?

4. Quasars and their demography

Quasars and the epoch of galaxy formation
How many quasars have there been?
Quasar masses and efficiencies
Dead quasars: massive black holes in nearby galaxies
Binary black holes?
Cosmogonic interpretations of quasar evolution - some speculations

5. Some probes and relics of the high-redshift universe

Quasars as probes of intervening gas
The epoch z > 5
Magnetic fields
Cosmic strings

6. Some fundamental questions

The ultra-early universe
Flatness and the horizon problem
Inflationary models
Some further reading
Author index
Subject index