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Philosophy of Sport : Critical Readings, Crucial Issues

Philosophy of Sport : Critical Readings, Crucial Issues - 02 edition

Philosophy of Sport : Critical Readings, Crucial Issues - 02 edition

ISBN13: 9780130941220

ISBN10: 0130941220

Philosophy of Sport : Critical Readings, Crucial Issues by M. Andrew Holowchak - ISBN 9780130941220
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Philosophy of Sport : Critical Readings, Crucial Issues by M. Andrew Holowchak - ISBN 9780130941220

ISBN13: 9780130941220

ISBN10: 0130941220

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 02
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Why Study Philosophy of Sport?, M. Andrew Holowchak.


2. Selections from Homo Ludens, John Huizinga.
3. The Nature of Sport: A Definitional Effort, John W. Loy, Jr.
4. Tricky Triad: Games, Play, and Sports, Bernard Suits.
5. Triad Trickery: Playing with Sports and Games, Klaus B. Meier.
6. A Matter of Life and Death: Some Thoughts on the Nature of Sport, Jeffrey O. Segrave.
7. Practices and Prudence, W. Miller Brown.
8. Moral Liberalism and the Atrophy of Sport: Autonomy, Desire, and Social Irresponsibility, M. Andrew Holowchak.
9. Is Sport Unique? A Question of Definability, S.K. Wertz.


10. The Well-Played Game: Notes Towards an Aesthetics of Sport, E.F. Kaelin.
11. The Aesthetic in Sport, David Best.
12. Beauty, Sport, and Gender, J.M. Boxill.
13. Differences Between Sport and Art, Christopher Cordner.



14. Three Approaches Toward an Understanding of Sportsmanship, Peter J. Arnold.
15. Sportsmanship and Fairness in the Pursuit of Victory, Robert Simon.


16. Can Cheaters Play the Game?, Craig K. Lehman.
17. Fair Play: Historical Anachronism or Topical Ideal? Sigmund Loland.


18. Where's the Merit if the Best Man Wins?, David Carr.
19. The Overemphasis on Winning: A Philosophical Look, Joan Hundley.
20. On Winning and Athletic Superiority, Nicholas Dixon.
21. The Dark Side of Competition, D. Stanley Eitzen.


22. Into the End Zone for a Touchdown: A Psychoanalytic Consideration of American Football, Alan Dundes.
23. Violence and Aggression in Contemporary Sport, Jim Parry.
24. Sports and Speciesism, Maurice L. Wade.

Performance-Enhancing Drugs.

25. Paternalism, Drugs, and the Nature of Sports, W. M. Brown.
26. On Performance-Enhancing Substances and the Unfair Advantage Argument, Roger Gardner.
27. 'Aretism' and Pharmacological Ergogenic Aids in Sport: Taking a Shot at the Use of Steroids, M. Andrew Holowchak.


28. On Reaching First Base with a 'Science' of Moral Development in Sports: Problems with Scientific Objectivity and Reductivism, Russell W. Gough.
29. An Epistemologist Looks at the Hot Hand in Sport, Stephen D. Hales.



30. Is Our Admiration for Sports Heroes Fascistoid?, Torbjörn Tännsjö.
31. Sports, Fascism, and the Market, Claudio M. Tamburrini.
32. Television Sports and the Sacrificial Hero, John Izod.


33. Women in Masculine Sports, B.D. Postow, Journal of the Philosophy of Sport.
34. Title IX and Gender Equity, Jan Boxill.
35. The Men's Cultural Centre: Sports and Dynamic of Women's Oppression/Men's Repression, Bruce Kidd.
36. Title IX: Equality for Women's Sports? Leslie P. Francis.


37. African Speed, African Endurance, Amby Burfoot.
38. Racial Difference in Athletics: What's Ethics Got to Do with It?, Albert Mosley.


39. Education for Peace in Sports Education, Frans DeWachter.
40. Virtue Lost: Courage in Sport, John Corlett.
41. Aggression, Gender, and Sport: Reflections on Sport as a Means of Moral Education, M. Andrew Holowchak.

Sport in Society.

42. Postscript: Sport in the Larger Scheme of Things, William J. Morgan.
43. Democracy, Education, and Sport, Peter J. Arnold.
44. Sports and the Making of National Identities: A Moral View, William J. Morgan.

Glossary of Key Terms.
Suggestions for Further Reading.