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Physics : A General Introduction

Physics : A General Introduction - 2nd edition

Physics : A General Introduction - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780673395566

ISBN10: 0673395561

Physics : A General Introduction by Alan Van Heuvelen - ISBN 9780673395566
Edition: 2ND 86
Copyright: 1986
Publisher: Scott, Foresman & Co.
International: No
Physics : A General Introduction by Alan Van Heuvelen - ISBN 9780673395566

ISBN13: 9780673395566

ISBN10: 0673395561

Edition: 2ND 86

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Clear presentation and sensible organization make it easy for students to learn systematically the basic physics principles. The text's emphasis on problem solving and development of analytical skills is reflected in unique illustrations of problem-solving techniques, worked examples, end-of-chapter problems, numerous estimation problems, and seven Interludes that teach specific analytical techniques.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


I. Newtonian Mechanics

1. Scalars and Vectors

2. Describing Motion: Kinematics

3. NewtonOs Laws of Motion

4. Momentum

5. Circular Motion at constant Speed

6. Speed

7. Rotational Motor with Angular Acceleration

II. Energy and its Transformations

8. Work and Energy

9. Thermal Energy, Temperature, and Heat

10. Heat Transfer

11. Entropy and Thermodynamics

III. Gases, Liquids, and Solids

12. Gases

13. Fluid Statics

14. Fluid Dynamics

15. Elastic Properties of Solids

IV. Vibrations and Waves

16. Vibration

17. Traveling Waves

18. Standing Waves and Sound

V. Light and Optics

19. Reflection and Refraction

20. Optical Instruments

21. Wave Interference

VI. Electricity and Magnetism

22. Electric Force

23. Electric Energy

24. Electric Current and Ohm's Law

25. Direct-Current Electric Circuits

26. Capacitors

27. Magnetic Forces and Fields

28. Induced EMF

29. Alternating-Current Circuits

VII. Modern Physics

30. Special Relativity

31. Wave-Particle Duality

32. The Bohr Model of the Atom

33. Quantum Mechanics and Atoms

34. The Nucleus and Radioactivity

35. Fission, Fusion, and Particle Physics