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Political Science Research Methods - Text Only

Political Science Research Methods - Text Only - 5th edition

Political Science Research Methods - Text Only - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9781568028743

ISBN10: 1568028741

Political Science Research Methods - Text Only by Reynolds Johnson - ISBN 9781568028743
Edition: 5TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Congressional Quarterly
International: No
Political Science Research Methods - Text Only by Reynolds Johnson - ISBN 9781568028743

ISBN13: 9781568028743

ISBN10: 1568028741

Edition: 5TH 05

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When exposing your students to political science's most important research methods, comprehensive coverage as well as clear and straightforward language are paramount. In the trusted tradition of previous editions, this new fifth edition teaches students to effectively evaluate the research of others and learn how to conduct their own. Political Science Research Methods covers all of the major research methods of the discipline and leads students step by step through the logic of research design. It also now gives even greater attention to promising new research tools such as online search engines, formal modeling, and logistic regression. New and updated examples from contemporary research problems make the text especially relevant and engaging. Guaranteed to please instructors looking for useful reinforcement and practice, a new companion student workbook meaningfully ties exercises and assignments to learning objectives covered in each chapter.


  • More effective, streamlined organization and presentation better reflects the actual process of developing research problems and implementing research designs;
  • Expanded discussion of hypothesis formation and the logic of making causal inferences;
  • Greater attention to creating operational definitions of theoretical concepts and how these definitions affect research design and results;
  • More extensive coverage of the use of path diagrams to help students clarify their ideas about hypothesized relationships between concepts;
  • New and updated examples throughout to give students real world problems to work through, such as stronger illustrations of how to extract hypotheses from written material such as magazine and newspaper articles;
  • Improved guidance on the proper use of aggregate data.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Research on Winners and Losers in Politics
Who Votes, Who Doesn't
Repression of Human Rights
A Look into Judicial Decision Making
Influencing Bureaucracies
Effects of Campaign Advertising on Voters
Research on Public Support for U.S. Foreign Involvement

2. Studying Politics Scientifically

Characteristics of Scientific Knowledge
Acquiring Scientific Knowledge: Induction and Deduction
Is Political Science Really "Science"?
A Brief History of Political Science as a Discipline

3. Research Design

Causal Inferences and Controlled Experiments
Interpreting and Generalizing the Results of an Experiment
Other Versions of Experimental Designs
Causal Inference in Nonexperimental Designs
Alternative Research Strategies

4. The Building Blocks of Social Scientific Research: Hypotheses, Concepts, and Variables

Specifying the Research Question
Proposing Explanations
Formulating Hypotheses
Defining Concepts

5. Conducting a Literature Review

Selecting a Research Topic
Why Conduct a Literature Review?
How to Conduct a Literature Review
Using the Internet to Conduct a Literature Review

6. The Building Blocks of Social Scientific Research: Measurement

Devising Measurement Strategies
Examples of Political Measurement
The Accuracy of Measurements
The Precision of Measurements
Multi-item Measures

7. Making Empirical Observations: Direct and Indirect Observation

Types of Data and Collection Techniques
Direct Observation
Indirect Observation
Ethical Issues in Observation

8. Document Analysis: Using the Written Record

Types of Written Records
Content Analysis
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Written Record

9. Sampling

Population or Sample?
The Basics of Sampling
Types of Samples
Samples and Statistical Inference

10. Elite Interviewing and Survey Research

Elite Interviewing
Survey Research
Validity and Inference

11. Univariate Data Analysis and Descriptive Statistics

The Data Matrix
Empirical Frequency Distributions
Descriptive Statistics
The Normal Distribution
The Normal Distribution and Statistical Inference

12. Measuring Relationships and Testing Hypotheses: Bivariate Data Analysis

Crosstabulation Analysis
Difference-of-Means Test and Analysis of Variance
Regression Analysis

13. Searching for Complete Explanations and Causal Knowledge: Multivariate Analysis

Multivariate Analysis of Categorical Data
Two-Way Analysis of Variance
Multiple Regression
Logistic Regression

14. The Research Report: An Annotated Example

Female Representation in State Legislatures

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