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Practice of Medical Billing and Coding

Practice of Medical Billing and Coding - 2nd edition

Practice of Medical Billing and Coding - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780131722552

ISBN10: 0131722557

Practice of Medical Billing and Coding by ICDC Publishing Staff - ISBN 9780131722552
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Practice of Medical Billing and Coding by ICDC Publishing Staff - ISBN 9780131722552

ISBN13: 9780131722552

ISBN10: 0131722557

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 07

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Formally know as Exercises in Medical Billing and Coding, The Practice of Medical Billing and Coding, 2e, contains instructional training in the MediSoft Patient Accounting computer program, as well as a simulated work program to help you experience the real life situations that a medical biller experiences. This book is created for use as either a stand-alone text for those wishing to learn MediSoft, or in conjunction with ICDC Publishing's Guide to Medical Billing and Coding. Some of the exercises in the simulated work portion of the book are based upon concepts learned in the Guide to Medical Billing and Coding (i.e., procedure and diagnosis coding, privacy issues, etc.).

While this book is complete in teaching the MediSoft patient accounting program, it should not be considered a complete text for learning medical billing. It is important that trainees not only learn to enter data into a computer billing program, but also to understand the concepts behind what they are entering. It is suggested that a trainee take a complete medical billing course prior to learning computerized billing with this book. The simulated work portion of this text incorporates concepts that are not taught by simple data entry, for example CPTâ and ICD-9 coding, privacy guidelines, patient record keeping, reception area duties, correspondence, and manual completion of claims. This text is designed to enable the student to work through the material at their own pace. In the simulated work portion, the outside margin of this text has been enlarged to allow room for taking notes and jotting down procedure and diagnosis codes.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.

Consolidated Health Services
Collecting Payments from Patients
Setting Up Your "Office"
Petty Cash and Deposit Envelope
Patient Files

2.Computers -- A Quick Review.

Computer Terminology
The Computer
Using the Computer

3. Using MediSoft.

Entering MediSoft
Menu Bar
Tool Bar
Sidebar Options
General Functions and Keys
The MediSoft Icon or --Box

4. File Menu Options.

Set Program Date
New Practice/Open Practice
Practice Information/Billing Information
Program Options
Remaining Options
File Maintenance

5. Lists Menu Options.

Searching for an Entry
Deleting an Entry
EDI/EMC Receivers List
Insurance Carrier List
Address List
Provider List
Referring Provider List
Billing Code List
Procedure/Payment/Adjustment List
MultiLink List
Diagnosis List

6. Patients/Guarantors and Cases List.

Case Based Files
Patients/Guarantors and Cases List
Patient/Guarantor List
Case Screens
Deleting a Patient
Printing a Patient Ledger
Patient Recall List

7. Activities Menu Options.

Transaction Entry
Claim Management

8. Reports Menu Options.

Sort Questions
Day Sheets
Patient Ledger
Patient Aging
Practice Analysis
Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Insurance Aging
Patient Statements
Custom Report List
Design Custom Reports and Bills

9. Edit, Tools, Window, and Help.

Edit Menu Options
Tools Menu Options
Window Menu Options
Help Menu Options

10. Office Hours Menu Options.

Office Hours Main Menu Options
File Menu Options
Edit Menu Options
View Menu Options
Lists Menu Options
Reports Menu Options
Tools Menu Options
Help Menu Options
Search Options
Quick Select Icons

11. Appointment Book.

The Main Screen


Simulated Work Program
Manual/Computerized Entry Instructions
Entering a Claim "Into The System"
Getting Started
January 14
January 21
February 4
March 4
March 22
Clues for Simulated Work Program


1. Patient Information Sheet: Dunnitt Family
2. Patient Information Sheet: Waite Family
3. Provider Information
4. Office Visit Procedures
5. ICD-9 Codes
6. Patient Information Sheet: O'Gen Family
7. Patient Information Sheet: Pendent Family
8. Provider Information
9. Patient Information Sheet: Attricks Family
10. Appointment Calendar
11. Patient Information Sheet: Poole Family
12. Patient Information Sheet: Allity Family
13. Patient Information Sheet: Knose Family
14. Patient Information Sheet: Theroad Family
15. Patient Information Sheet: Cupp Family
16. Ball Insurance Carriers Contract
17. Rover Insurance, Inc. Contract
18. Winter Insurance Co. Contract
19. Patient Information Sheet: Early Family
20. Patient Information Sheet: Fever Family
21. Office Visit Procedures
22. Patient Information Sheet: Hart Family
23. Type /Procedure Code Description
24. Patient Information Sheet: Fraide Family
25. Winter Insurance Payment
26. Patient Checks
27. Rover Insurance Inc. Payment
28. Ball Insurance Carriers Payment
29. Codie Pendent Letter
30. Patient Information Sheet: Fraide Family
31. CHS Community Hospital Pendent
32. CHS Community Hospital Alllity
33. CHS Community Hospital Attricks
34. CHS Community Hospital Akenja-Nearing
35. CHS Community Hospital Poole
36. Rover Insurance Inc. Payment
37. Ball Insurance Carriers Payment
38. Winter Insurance Payment
39. Patient Checks
40. ER Reports
41. Summer Insurance Company Contract
42. Medicare Remittance Advice
43. Rover Insurance, Inc. Payment
44. Butch M.N. Hackim Letter


Simulated Petty Cash
Window Payments


Patient Information Sheet
Deposit Ticket
Petty Cash Count
Petty Cash Receipt
Statement of Account/Ledger Card
Daily Journal/Day Sheet
Request for Additional Information
Charge Slip
Insurance Claims Register
Authorized Treatment Form
Pre-authorization Request Form
Patient Aging
Payment Plan Letter
Insurance Coverage Form