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Practice of Social Research / With CD

Practice of Social Research / With CD - 10th edition

Practice of Social Research / With CD - 10th edition

ISBN13: 9780534620288

ISBN10: 0534620280

Practice of Social Research / With CD by Earl R. Babbie - ISBN 9780534620288
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 10TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
International: No
Practice of Social Research / With CD by Earl R. Babbie - ISBN 9780534620288

ISBN13: 9780534620288

ISBN10: 0534620280

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 10TH 04

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This thorough revision of Babbie's standard-setting book for the course offers students a comprehensive, straightforward introduction to the field of research methods as practiced by sociologists and other social scientists. Emphasizing the importance of the research process, the book shows students how social scientists design research studies, introduces the variety of observation modes used by sociologists, and covers the "how-tos" and "whys" of social research methods. Students learn how to conduct various types of research, when it is appropriate to use each method, and how to analyze qualitative and quantitative data using the Elaboration Model. The 10th edition provides students with the necessary tools for understanding social research methods and for applying these concepts both inside and outside the classroom--as researchers and as consumers of research. Retaining the authoritative coverage of the research process that has made the book a best-seller, the new edition is more student-friendly than ever. The new edition features a completely new chapter on reading and writing social research, a streamlined organization, a new running glossary, and a new Research Writing and Chapter Tutorial CD-ROM that not only helps students every step of the way in writing research papers, but also links to chapter by chapter online tutorials that will help them master the concepts and techniques of the course.


  • NEW! A new chapter on Reading and Writing Social Research (17) reflects the importance instructors of the methods course place on writing and reading research papers.
  • Numerous examples, both real world and hypothetical, convey the topics and concepts under discussion in a manner in which students can more easily comprehend.
  • Numerous figures and tables, including sample research tools like questionnaires, clearly illustrate the main points of the chapter itself.
  • The text is written with the author's renown sense of humor and compassion.
  • End-of-chapter features include point-by-point chapter summaries, a list of key terms, review questions and exercises, additional readings, and a new Resources on the Internet section (includes InfoTrac search terms).
  • The text continues to have the very best faculty and student support package in the research methods course market. No other text has the depth and breadth of Babbie's supplemental support package.
  • InfoTrac® College Edition: Four months of FREE anywhere, anytime access to InfoTrac College Edition, the online library, is automatically packaged with this book. The new and improved InfoTrac College Edition puts cutting edge research and the latest headlines at your students' fingertips, giving them access to an entire online library for the cost of one book! This fully searchable database offers more than 20 years' worth of full-text articles (more than 10 million) from almost 4000 diverse sources, such as academic journals, newsletters, and up-to-the-minute periodicals including "Time," "Newsweek," "Science," "Forbes," and "USA Today."
  • NEW! The 10th edition includes 17 chapters, two less than in 9th edition. This was done to streamline the text in general and make room for the new chapter on reading and writing social research (17). Chapter 3, "The Idea of Causation in Social Research," was combined with Chapter 4, "Research Design," Chapter 14, Quantifying Data" was combined with Chapter 15, "Elementary Quantitative Analysis," and portions of Chapter 19, The Uses of Social Research," were integrated into Chapter 17, "Reading and Writing Social Research."
  • NEW! To emphasize the importance of ethical considerations when conducting research, "The Ethics and Politics of Social Research," formerly Chapter 18, now appears much earlier in the text (Chapter 3).
  • NEW! A new running glossary at the foot of the page has been added in response to the request to provide better definitions of terms. This will make it easier for students to learn as they progress through the chapter and when they go back through the chapter to review.
  • NEW! The new "Resources on the Internet" section that appears at the end of each chapter directs students to relevant web sites, provides them with search terms that will lead them to informative articles using InfoTrac College Edition, and exciting, richly enhanced resources on the Babbie 10th companion web site.
  • NEW! A new Research Methods Tutorial CD-ROM entitled The Research Writer: With Chapter Tutorials, is automatically packaged in each student copy of the book. The CD-ROM provides a link to the Babbie 10th companion web site and a template on writing reports and collecting data.
  • NEW! SPSS student version CD-ROM 11.0 is available with the text and subsequent versions of the software will be updated as they become available.
  • The book offers a balance between quantitative methods and qualitative methods, showing their common groundings and how they compliment each other.
  • Each chapter begins with an Overview, a statement about the objectives for the chapter and how the chapter fits into the overall scheme of doing social research. A complete table of contents for the chapter provides a roadmap for the student to adhere to in order to review, prepare for tests, and further study.

Author Bio

Babbie, Earl R. : Chapman University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Human Inquiry and Science
2. Paradigms, Theory and Social Research
3. The Ethics and Politics of Social Research


4. Research Design
5. Conceptualization, Operationalization and Measurement
6. Indexes, Scales, and Typologies
7. The Logic of Sampling


8. Experiments
9. Survey Research
10. Qualitative Field Research
11. Unobtrusive Measures
12. Evaluation Research


13. Qualitative Data Analysis
14. Elementary Quantitative Analyses
15. The Elaboration Model
16. Social Statistics
17. Reading and Writing Social Research

Appendix A: Using the Library
Appendix B: GSS Household Enumeration Questionnaire
Appendix C: Random Numbers
Appendix D: Distribution of Chi Square
Appendix E: Normal Curve Areas
Appendix F: Estimated Sampling Error
Twenty Questions a Journalist Should Ask about Poll Results

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