Presidency and Political System 8th edition (9781568028750) -
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Presidency and Political System

Presidency and Political System - 8th edition

Presidency and Political System - 8th edition

ISBN13: 9781568028750

ISBN10: 156802875X

Presidency and Political System by Michael Nelson - ISBN 9781568028750
Edition: 8TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Congressional Quarterly
International: No
Presidency and Political System by Michael Nelson - ISBN 9781568028750

ISBN13: 9781568028750

ISBN10: 156802875X

Edition: 8TH 06

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This thoroughly revised edition features thought-provoking original essays, written by some of the field's most prominent scholars, and reflects the best in presidential scholarship. The eighth edition combines new and time-tested essays to revisit the themes of presidential power and perceptions. With four new readings and significant updating by returning contributors, students learn how recent political developments influence the executive branch, and how these developments in turn shape the media, interest groups, political parties, bureaucrats, and others who move in the presidential orbit.

Michael Nelson has put together another winning combination of classic pieces--including chapters by Tulis, Skowronek, Quirk, Miroff, Burke, and Milkis--and new essays, from David Lewis on bureaucracy to Andrew Polsky on war powers to Andrew Rudalevige on the cabinet. Ever conscious that the office has been powerfully shaped by history, each author offers context and insight while ensuring that theoretical ideas and perspectives are explored, developed, and clearly explained. The eighth edition of this widely anticipated collection once again proves to be the most balanced and compelling look at our nation's highest office.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Evaluating the Presidency, Michael Nelson

Part I. Approaches to the Presidency

2. The American Presidency in Comparative Perspective: Systems, Situations, and Leaders, Bert A. Rockman
3. The Two Constitutional Presidencies, Jeffrey K. Tulis

Part II. Elements of Presidential Power

4. Presidential Leadership in Political Time, Stephen Skowronek
5. Presidency Competence, Paul J. Quirk
6. The Psychological Presidency, Michael Nelson

Part III. Presidential Selection

7. The Presidency and the Nominating Process: Politics and Power, Richard Pious
8. The Presidency and the Campaign, John H. Aldrich and John D. Griffin

Part IV. Presidents and Politics

9. The Presidency and Political Trust, Marc J. Hetherington and Suzanne Globetti
10. The Presidential Spectacle, Bruce Miroff
11. The Presidency and the Press, Lawrence R. Jacobs
12. The Presidency and Interest Groups: Programmatic Ambitions and Policy Leadership, Daniel J. Tichenor
13. The Presidency and Political Parties, Sidney M. Milkis

Part V. Presidents and Government

14. The Institutional Presidency, John P. Burke
15. NEW! The Presidency and Bureaucracy, David E. Lewis
16. NEW! Presidents, Prime Ministers, and the Career Bureaucracy, Colin Campbell
17. The President and Congress, Matthew Dickinson
18. The Presidency and the Judiciary, David A. Yalof
19. Divided Government and Policymaking: Negotiating the Laws, Paul J. Quirk and Bruce Nesmith
20. NEW! The Presidency and the Cabinet, Andrew Rudalevige
21. NEW! The Presidency at War, Andrew J. Polsky