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Presidential Leadership : Politics and Policy Making

Presidential Leadership : Politics and Policy Making - 7th edition

Presidential Leadership : Politics and Policy Making - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9780534604028

ISBN10: 0534604021

Presidential Leadership : Politics and Policy Making by George C. Edwards and Stephen J. Wayne - ISBN 9780534604028
Edition: 7TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
International: No
Presidential Leadership : Politics and Policy Making by George C. Edwards and Stephen J. Wayne - ISBN 9780534604028

ISBN13: 9780534604028

ISBN10: 0534604021

Edition: 7TH 06

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From routine operations to the workings of a White House in crisis, this comprehensive, best-selling text examines all facets of the presidency in rich detail, with a special emphasis on policy. George C. Edwards and Stephen J. Wayne use an engaging combination of analytical prose and timely, fascinating examples to examine the presidency from two theoretical standpoints--the President as "facilitator," and the President as "director of change." Their theoretical (versus chronological) approach, combined with the currency and relevance of the material covered in the text, have made PRESIDENTIAL LEADERSHIP: POLITICS AND POLICY MAKING the most comprehensive and best-selling text available today for your presidential studies course.

New to the Edition

  • A comprehensive update on the Bush Presidency and the 2004 presidential election.
  • An expanded chapter on the president's unilateral powers provides context for studying the current administration's policies.
  • A discussion of methodology and a substantive conclusion from recent rational choice literature on the presidency gives perspective by including the latest scholarship on these topics.


  • A presidential chronology (on inside cover) lists all the presidents and vice presidents along with their popular and electoral vote margins.
  • Boxed features throughout help students examine the idea of president as "facilitator" and as "director of change."
  • "Hot Button Issue" boxes highlight areas of special interest to students, including voter apathy, campaign finance reform, and the importance of presidential character.
  • Thought-provoking questions and Web exercises conclude each chapter, promoting student discussion and debate.
  • Clearly delineates the relationship between Congress and the president.
  • Discusses the tension between the public's desire for strong leadership and its wariness of unchecked power.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Presidential Leadership: An Introduction.

2. The Nomination Process.

3. The Presidential Election.

4. The President and the Public.

5. The President and the Media.

6. The President's Office.

7. Presidential Decision Making.

8. The Psychological Presidency.

9. The President and the Executive Branch.

10. The President and Congress.

11. The President and the Judiciary.

12. Domestic Policy Making.

13. Budgetary and Economic Policy Making.

14. Foreign and Defense Policy Making.

15 The Unilateral Presidency.

Appendix A: Methods for Studying the Presidency.

Appendix B: Non-electoral Succession, Removal and Tenure.

Appendix C: Provisions of the Constitution of the United States That Relate to the Presidency.

Appendix D: 2004 Electoral and Popular Vote Summary.