Principles and Techniques of Patient Care 4th edition (9781416031192) -
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Principles and Techniques of Patient Care

Principles and Techniques of Patient Care - 4th edition

Principles and Techniques of Patient Care - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9781416031192

ISBN10: 1416031197

Principles and Techniques of Patient Care by Frank M. Pierson and Sheryl L. Fairchild - ISBN 9781416031192
Cover type: Spiral
Edition: 4TH 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Co.
International: No
Principles and Techniques of Patient Care by Frank M. Pierson and Sheryl L. Fairchild - ISBN 9781416031192

ISBN13: 9781416031192

ISBN10: 1416031197

Cover type: Spiral
Edition: 4TH 08
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Physical-therapy students and practitioners will find that this updated edition covers all topics relevant to treating patients with disabilities, with special emphasis on helping patients use assistive devices. More than 390 color illustrations prov ide step-by-step instructions for techniques and procedures. Safety precautions, caring for patients of different ages and sizes, and emergency situations are discussed in detail. Study aids include chapter objectives, key terms, references, and pr ocedure outlines.

Author Bio

Frank M. Pierson, MA, PT, Assistant Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH; and Sheryl L. Fairchild, BS, PT, Director, Rehab/Wellness, Memorial Hermann Northeast, Humble, TX

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Preparation Patient Care Activities

-Appendix 1-1 Outpatient Initial Evaluation

-Appendix 1-2 Patient Home Exercise Program

-Appendix 1-3 Activity and Exercise Flowsheet: Home Exercise Programs

-Appendix 1-4 Two-Week Reassessment

2. Approaches to Infection Control

3. Assessment of Vital Signs

4. Body Mechanics

5. Positioning and Draping

6. Basic Exercise: Passive and Active

7. Features and Activities of Wheeled Mobility Aids

8. Transfer Activities

9. Ambulation Aids, Patterns, and Activities

10. Special Equipment and Patient Care Environments

11. Basic Wound Care and Specialized Interventions

-Appendix 11-1 Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk

-Appendix 11-2 Push Tool 3.0

12. Incidents and Emergencies

13. Americans with Disabilities Act: A Review



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