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Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology

Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology - 2nd edition

Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780065004045

ISBN10: 0065004043

Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology by Lewis J. Kleinsmith and Valerie M. Kish - ISBN 9780065004045
Edition: 2ND 95
Copyright: 1995
Publisher: Harpercollins College Division
International: No
Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology by Lewis J. Kleinsmith and Valerie M. Kish - ISBN 9780065004045

ISBN13: 9780065004045

ISBN10: 0065004043

Edition: 2ND 95

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Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology was developed to be a readable story that is accessible and interesting for all introductory students. The authors provide a balanced treatment of both classical cell biology and modern molecular biology issues. Students are further presented with historical and experimental approaches to explain the evolution of models and ideas, and to provide actual data for each concept. By first introducing the fundamental principles that guide cellular organization and function, students develop an understanding of concept development. The text supports these principles by providing the crucial scientific evidence that led to the formulation of these central concepts. Finally, this synthesis of new and classic coverage is achieved within a size and style that is easy to read and comprehend by all students. The second edition has been revised to update all scientific content and references, and care was taken during revision to fine tune the writing style. Also new to this edition is a completely revised, full color art program, a glossary of key terms, chapter-opening 'Sentence Headings' that provide an overview of the concepts to be discussed, and chapter-ending 'Summary of Principal Points' sections that provide an outline of the important material covered in the chapter.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Background Concepts

1. Prologue: Cells and Their Molecules

2. Energy and Enzymes

3. The Flow of Genetic Information

4. Experimental Approaches for Studying Cells

II. Cell Organization

5. Membranes and Membrane Transport

6. The Cell Surface and Cellular Communication

7. Cytoplasmic Membranes and Intracellular Traffic

8. Mitochondria and the Capturing of Energy Derived from Food

9. Chloroplasts and the Capturing of Energy, Derived from Sunlight

10. The Nucleus and Transcription of Genetic Information

11. The Ribosome and Translation of Genetic Information

12. Cell Cycles and Cell Division

13. The Cytoskeleton and Cell Motility

14. Evolution of Cells and Genetics of Cell Organelles

III. Formation of Specialized Cells

15. Gametes, Fertilization, and Early Development

16. Lymphocytes and the Immune Response

17. Neurons and Synaptic Signaling

18. Cancer Cells and Growth Control