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Principles of Physical Chemistry

Principles of Physical Chemistry - 01 edition

Principles of Physical Chemistry - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780130278050

ISBN10: 013027805X

Principles of Physical Chemistry by Lionel M. Raff - ISBN 9780130278050
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Principles of Physical Chemistry by Lionel M. Raff - ISBN 9780130278050

ISBN13: 9780130278050

ISBN10: 013027805X

Edition: 01

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For two- or three-term Physical Chemistry courses for chemists and engineers.

This lucidly written text with 1500 exercises, problems and examples is designed to bring students to a functional level of literacy in the use, practice, appreciation and execution of physical chemistry principles and methods. The text presents all the theories and equations necessary, and teaches students how to think, how to use principles to properly treat a wide variety of systems, and how to obtain the equations to quantify various phenomena.

  • Clear, informal writing style.

Narrative style engages students so they can grasp complex scientific points.

  • Qualitative explanations reinforced by quantitative treatment.

Provides relevance to technical material so students can see the applications as they relate to events familiar to them.

  • Comprehensive presentation with all essential theory and equations included.

Facilitates students' understanding of the chemistry so they can solidify their knowledge by immediate application.
Facilitates students' understanding on how to develop key equations.

  • Principle equations highlighted.

Helps students distinguish core concepts from illustrative examples and derivations. Provides students with quick access to key equations.

  • Derivations of all equations given in complete detail.

Frees instructor's time to emphasize key points in the development of equations.
Gives students essential background material.

  • Summary of key points and questions conclude each chapter.

Facilitates students' comprehension of material.

  • Superior quality of examples and problems with detailed solutions.

Provides students with creative problems that relate physical chemistry principles to common examples in life.

  • All algebraic steps shown with explanations.

Helps students learn and understand derivations.

  • Over 1500 exercises, problems and examples.

Provides instructors with a greater number of and superior quality tools to assess students' understanding.
Provides students with a greater opportunity to practice.

  • Quantitative excellence of graphs.

Provides accurate computations and plotting.

  • Text is carefully written to allow presentation of quantum mechanics before thermodynamics.

This book can be used in any curriculum.

  • Instructor's Guide and Solution Manual written by the text author.

Provides complete, detailed explanations and alternative approaches.
Written in the same tone and with the same emphasis as the text.

Author Bio

Raff, Lionel M : Oklahoma State University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Properties of Gases.
2. The First Law of Thermodynamics.
3. Thermochemistry.
4. The Second Law of Thermodynamics.
5. Chemical Equilibrium.
6. Phase Equilibrium.
7. The Thermodynamics of Solids.
8. Thermodynamics of Nonelectrolytic Solutions.
9. Thermodynamics of Electrolytic Solutions.


10. The Mathematics of Chance.
11. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics.
12. Translational, Rotational and Vibrational Energies of Molecular Systems.
13. The Electronic Structure of Atoms.
14. Molecular Structure and Bonding.


15. Rotational, Vibrational and Electronic Spectra.
16. Magnetic and Diffraction Spectroscopy.


17. Molecular Energy Distributions--Kinetic Theory of Gases.
18. Statistical Thermodynamics.


19. Phenomenological Kinetics.
20. Theoretical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics.