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Probability and Statistics for Engineering and Sciences / With CD

Probability and Statistics for Engineering and Sciences / With CD - 6th edition

Probability and Statistics for Engineering and Sciences / With CD - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9780534399337

ISBN10: 0534399339

Probability and Statistics for Engineering and Sciences / With CD by Jay L. Devore - ISBN 9780534399337
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 6TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.
International: No
Probability and Statistics for Engineering and Sciences / With CD by Jay L. Devore - ISBN 9780534399337

ISBN13: 9780534399337

ISBN10: 0534399339

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 6TH 04

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This market-leading text provides a comprehensive introduction to probability and statistics for students in engineering and the physical and natural sciences. It is a proven, accurate book with great examples from an outstanding author, Jay Devore. Through the use of lively and realistic examples, students go beyond simply learning about statistics--they actually experience its potential. The book emphasizes concepts, models, methodology and applications, as opposed to rigorous mathematical development and derivations.

New to the Edition

  • BCA Testing makes testing extremely easy for instructors.
  • Inclusion of Java Applets from Gary McClelland's Seeing Statistics allows students to experience statistics firsthand. The applets have been specifically designed for this calculus-based text.
  • The expanded supplements package includes newly developed Microsoft PowerPoint slides to aid in classroom presentations.
  • Many new examples and additional real data throughout enhance the text's real-world flavor.
  • The polished exposition clarifies explanations and concepts throughout. Existing content has been fine-tuned to ensure clarity and comprehension.
  • Over 100 new and updated exercises appear in the text. Many of these new exercises pose open-ended questions to students asking them to explore data. Additional types of problems ask students to recall material from several chapters, providing a cumulative review of key concepts.
  • There is more emphasis on the nature of variation in the slope estimate in simple linear regression
  • A detailed description of pooled t procedures provides a better balance between unpooled and pooled analyses.


  • Each chapter includes a wealth of great exercises both at the end of each section and in a section of supplementary exercises at the close of each chapter.
  • Devore is passionate about the use of real data in exercises and examples to stimulate student interest and enhances comprehension of complicated concepts. Virtually every example and exercise contains a real world context; this is not mathematics for the sake of mathematics!
  • The text's strong computer coverage, especially as it relates to ANOVA and regression, is supported by an abundance of computer output (from SAS and MINITAB) and coverage of computer methods.
  • The author is highly regarded as a leader in the academic community, has written several successful statistics textbooks, and teaches this course regularly at Cal Poly.
  • "Simulation Experiments" help students gain an understanding of sampling distributions and the insight they provide, especially when a derivation is too complex to carry out.
  • From the outset, the book places a strong emphasis on the role that variation plays in statistics.

Author Bio

Devore, Jay L. : California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo