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Problems in Contract Law-Cases and Materials

Problems in Contract Law-Cases and Materials - 7th edition

Problems in Contract Law-Cases and Materials - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9780735598225

ISBN10: 0735598223

Problems in Contract Law-Cases and Materials by Knapp - ISBN 9780735598225
Edition: 7TH 12
Copyright: 2012
Publisher: Aspen Law
International: No
Problems in Contract Law-Cases and Materials by Knapp - ISBN 9780735598225

ISBN13: 9780735598225

ISBN10: 0735598223

Edition: 7TH 12

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Adaptable for instructors with different teaching techniques, Problems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials can teaching by traditional case analysis, through problem-based instruction, or using theoretical inquiry. The balanced blend of traditional and contemporary cases combine with cogent explanatory text to help students place cases in a larger legal context. A significant treatment of the CISG is offered.

The Seventh Edition continues the previous edition's reflection on the complexity of current 21st century contract law with its varied strains and constant flux, going beyond earlier editions' emphasis on the historical progression from "classical" to "modern" contract law. Acknowledging the challenges increasingly exerted on the conventional contract law system over the past ten to fifteen years, the Seventh Edition explores new forms, such as electronic contracting. In addition, it considers the increased use of mandatory arbitration clauses in mass adhesion contracting (banks, communications providers, hospitals, for example). Even more flexibility is provided for instructors who prefer to reorder the chapters rather than teach them in a linear sequence.

Hallmark features:

Adaptable for various teaching techniques - traditional case analysis, problem-based instruction, and theoretical inquiry

Provides a balanced blend of traditional and contemporary cases

Includes explanatory notes and text

o places cases in a larger context

o explores related points

Offers significant treatment of the CISG

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Summary of Contents Chapter 1. An Introduction to the Study of Contract Law Chapter 2. The Basis of Contractual Obligation: Mutual Assent and Consideration Chapter 3. Liability in the Absence of Contractual Obligation: Promissory Estoppel and Restitution Chapter 4. The Statute of Frauds Chapter 5. The Meaning of the Agreement: Principles of Interpretation and the Parol Evidence Rule Chapter 6. Supplementing the Agreement: Implied Terms, the Obligation of Good Faith, and Warranties Chapter 7. Avoiding Enforcement: Incapacity, Bargaining Misconduct, Unconscionability, and Public Policy Chapter 8. Justification for Nonperformance: Mistake, Changed Circumstances, and Contractual Modifications Chapter 9. Rights and Duties of Third Parties Chapter 10. Consequences of Nonperformance: Material Breach, Anticipatory Repudiation, and Express Conditions Chapter 11. Expectation Damages: Principles and Limitations Chapter 12. Alternatives to Expectation Damages: Reliance and Restitutionary Damages, Specific Performance, and Agreed Remedies