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Production and Operations Analysis - With CD

Production and Operations Analysis - With CD - 5th edition

Production and Operations Analysis - With CD - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780073018652

ISBN10: 0073018651

Production and Operations Analysis - With CD by Steven Nahmias - ISBN 9780073018652
Edition: 5TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Richard D. Irwin, Inc.
International: No
Production and Operations Analysis - With CD by Steven Nahmias - ISBN 9780073018652

ISBN13: 9780073018652

ISBN10: 0073018651

Edition: 5TH 05
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This text provides a survey of the analytical methods used to support the functions of production and operations management. This latest edition continues to bring the most thorough coverage of cutting-edge quantitative models used in operations, while presenting it in a clean, easy to understand fashion. There are many new problems both solved and unsolved for students to comprehend the quantitative material of the book. Furthermore, we have enhanced the technology package of this book to have more applied learning of concepts and skills for students. Lastly, technology, such as the internet, ecommerce, etc has been added to reflect the changes in how business is conducted. This text reflects Steve Nahmias' extensive teaching background and experience in both business and engineering schools.

New to This Edition

  • Technology Issues-issues, such as the internet, ecommerce, e-business and the supply chain and ERP systems are all addressed in this latest revision. Thus including the most up-to-date material in regards to analyzing operations management.
  • Enhanced Technology Ancillary Package-Java applets, video clips and a completely revised set of power points have been added to both the instructor's and student's CDs and website. Therefore, students will have be able to see theories being applied to real-life situations; as well as working hands-on.
  • New Problems-users will see the same high quality and level of challenge to students as the problems in earlier editions. These updated and new problems are vital to students applying what they have learned.
  • New Chapter Openings and Summaries-new chapter openings and summaries that will highlight the main theories and concepts in the chapter; giving students a frame of reference in regards to the chapter content.
  • Updated "Snapshot" Boxes-these boxes have been revised to include the most up-to-date applications and developments in operations management. Hence, alerting the student and instructor throughout the text to the more pertinent Operations Management material.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Strategy and Competition

Chapter 2. Forecasting

Chapter 3. Aggregate Planning

Supplement 1 Linear Programming

Chapter 4. Inventory Control Subject to Known Demand

Chapter 5. Inventory Control Subject to Uncertain Demand

Chapter 6. Supply Chain Management

Chapter 7. Push and Pull Production Control Systems: MRP and JIT

Chapter 8. Operations Scheduling

Supplement 2 Queuing Theory

Chapter 9. Project Scheduling

Chapter 10. Facilities Layout and Location

Chapter 11. Quality and Assurance

Chapter 12. Reliability and Maintainability