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Property - 6th edition

Property - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9780735557925

ISBN10: 0735557926

Property by Jesse Dukeminier and James Krier - ISBN 9780735557925
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 6TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Aspen Law
International: No
Property by Jesse Dukeminier and James Krier - ISBN 9780735557925

ISBN13: 9780735557925

ISBN10: 0735557926

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 6TH 06

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This highly respected and widely used casebook -- long recognized by both students and instructors as one of the best available for any course -- continues to offer a dynamic and distinctive introduction to the law of property. Carefully preserving the excellent foundation created by original authors the late Jesse Dukeminier and James Krier, PROPERTY, Sixth Edition, incorporates a wealth of new material.

What makes PROPERTY such an ideal casebook?

  • a unique blend of wit, erudition, insight, and playfulness
  • engaging structure that encompasses cases, text, questions, problems, visual illustrations, and examples
  • modular organization makes the book highly adaptable to a range of syllabi and equally well suited for use in property courses with different emphases and credit hours
  • distinctive sense of humor and human-interest perspective
  • comprehensive coverage of property topics, including in-depth treatment of estates and future interests, servitudes, and land-use controls
  • cases are enhanced and connected to broader legal principles by well-written notes, questions, and problems
  • the authors employ an accessible 'economic lens' as a tool for thinking critically about property -- with the caveat that 'the economics in the book can be managed easily... even by the totally uninitiated; it can also be ignored or even scorned.'
  • extensive Teacher's Manual that answers every question and problem in the casebook, provides brief comments, and offers deeper analysis and observations

Changes for the Sixth Edition reflect meticulous updating:

  • James Krier is joined by new coauthors Gregory Alexander and Michael Schill in integrating new developments while carefully retaining the distinctive character of this highly successful casebook
  • Intellectual Property materials are substantially revised to incorporate cases recommended by users and decrease the emphasis on cyberspace
  • the Takings chapter is fully updated with new developments and recent Supreme Court cases, including Tahoe Sierra and Kelo v. New London
  • chapters on Estates and Future Interests are shortened by deleting older materials on the Rule Against Perpetuities (RAP) and adding newer materials on the RAP and Dynastic Trusts
  • real estate transaction coverage is enhanced by: a shorter, more up-to-date description of a typical transaction; an updated sales contract; a new section on brokers with a case on broker fiduciary duty; new text on multiple listing services, antitrust implications, and broker commissions; e-signatures and the statute of frauds; remedies for breach of real estate sales contracts, including two new cases on the calculation of damages, rescission, and retention of deposit; and new emphasis on how the law of real property differs from the law of contracts and the UCC
  • prudent trimming of the materials on Equitable Servitudes, particularly on touch and concern and vertical privity requirements
  • for professors who prefer to devote less time to future interests, a new, optional 'short form' version appears in the completely updated Teacher's Manual

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. An Introduction to Some Fundamentals

First Possession: Acquisition of Property by Discovery, Capture, and Creation
Subsequent Possession: Acquisition of Property by Find, Adverse Possession, and Gift

II. The System of Estates (Leaseholds Aside)

Possessory Estates
Future Interests
Co-ownership and Marital Interests

III. Leaseholds: The Law of Landlord and Tenant

Tradition, Tension, and Change in Landlord-Tenant Law

IV. Transfers of Land

The Land Transaction
Title Assurance

V. Land-Use Controls

Judicial Land Use Controls: The Law of Nuisance
Private Land Use Controls: The Law of Servitudes
Legislative Land Use Controls: The Law of Zoning
Eminent Domain and the Problem of Regulatory Takings

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