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Psychology - Text, Study Guide, Reader and CD

Psychology - Text, Study Guide, Reader and CD - 7th edition

Psychology - Text, Study Guide, Reader and CD - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9780716799276

ISBN10: 0716799278

Psychology - Text, Study Guide, Reader and CD by David G. Myers - ISBN 9780716799276
Edition: 7TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Worth Publishers, Inc.
International: No
Psychology - Text, Study Guide, Reader and CD by David G. Myers - ISBN 9780716799276

ISBN13: 9780716799276

ISBN10: 0716799278

Edition: 7TH 04
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The field of psychology is always evolving. What doesn't change is David Myers' unique ability to capture the essence of psychology as it is currently understood for an uninitiated audience--the story of psychology as only David Myers can tell it. The new edition of Psychology continues the story of psychology with a wealth of cutting-edge research and content from the most dynamic and burgeoning areas of the field--cognition, gender and diversity studies, neuroscience, industrial/organizational psychology, and more.

With the book's expanded media and supplements resources, professors can easily enhance lectures and manage their courses, while giving students the tools they need to prepare for exams and explore topics in further depth. Myers continues the tradition of previous editions to bond psychological science with a broad human perspective that engages both the mind and the heart.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Prologue: The Story of Psychology
Psychology's Roots
Contemporary Psychology
Close-Up: Your Study of Psychology

Chapter 1 Thinking Critically with Psychological Science

The Need for Psychological Science
Thinking Critically About: Hot and Cold Streaks in Basketball and the Stock Market
Statistical Reasoning
Frequently Asked Questions About Psychology
Thinking Critically About: The Death Penalty--When Beliefs Collide with Psychological Science

Chapter 2 Neuroscience and Behavior

Neural Communication
The Nervous System
The Brain
Thinking Critically About: Left Brain/Right Brain
The Endocrine System

Chapter 3 The Nature and Nurture of Behavior

Genes: Our Biological Blueprint
Evolutionary Psychology: Maximizing Fitness
Behavior Genetics: Predicting Individual Differences
Environmental Influence
The Nature and Nurture of Gender
Postscript: Reflections on Nature and Nurture

Chapter 4 The Developing Person

Prenatal Development and the Newborn
Close-Up: Research Strategies for Understanding Infants' Thinking
Infancy and Childhood
Reflections on Two Major Developmental Issues

Chapter 5 Sensation

Sensing the World: Some Basic Principles
Close-Up: A Noisy Noise Annoys: Hearing Loss and Deaf Culture
Close-Up: Living in a Silent World
The Other Senses
Thinking Critically About: Mind Over Matter: Firewalking

Chapter 6 Perception

Selective Attention
Perceptual Illusions
Perceptual Organization
Perceptual Interpretation
Is There Extrasensory Perception?

Chapter 7 States of Consciousness

Waking Consciousness
Sleep and Dreams
Thinking Critically About: PMS
Thinking Critically About: Hypnotic Age Regression: A True Story
Drugs and Consciousness
Near-Death Experiences

Chapter 8 Learning

Classical Conditioning
Close-Up: Rape as Classical Conditioning
Operant Conditioning
Learning by Observation

Chapter 9 Memory

The Phenomenon of Memory
Encoding: Getting Information In
Storage: Retaining Information
Retrieval: Getting Information Out
Memory Construction
Improving Memory

Chapter 10 Thinking and Language

Thinking Critically About: Risks--Do We Fear the Right Things?
Belief Bias
Thinking and Language
Animal Thinking and Language

Chapter 11 Intelligence

The Origins of Intelligence Testing
What Is Intelligence?
Assessing Intelligence
The Dynamics of Intelligence
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Intelligence

Chapter 12 Motivation and Work

Motivational Concepts
Sexual Motivation
The Need to Belong
Motivation at Work
Close-Up: I/O Psychology at Work?
Close-Up: Discovering Your Strengths

Chapter 13 Emotion

Theories of Emotion
Embodied Emotion
Thinking Critically About: Lie Detection
Expressed Emotion
Experienced Emotion
Close-Up: How to Be Happier

Chapter 14 Stress and Health

Stress and Illness
Promoting Health
Thinking Critically About: Alternative Medicine: New Ways to Health, or Old Snake Oil?
Close-Up: For Those Who Want to Stop Smoking
Close-Up: Helpful Hints for Losing Weight

Chapter 15 Personality

Historic Perspectives on Personality
Contemporary Research on Personality
Thinking Critically About: How to Be a "Successful" Astrologer or Palm Reader
Close-Up: Toward a More Positive Psycholgy

Chapter 16 Psychological Disorders

Perspectives on Psychological Disorders
Close-Up: The "Un-DSM": A Diagnostic Manual of Human Strengths
Thinking Critically About: Insanity and Responsibility
Anxiety Disorders
Close-Up: The Wounds of War: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Mood Disorders
Close-Up: Suicide
Close-Up: Loneliness
Thinking Critically About: Dissociation and Multiple Personalities
Personality Disorders
Rates of Psychological Disorder

Chapter 17 Therapy

The Psychological Therapies
Evaluating Psychotherapies
Thinking Critically About: "Regressing" from Unusual to Usual
Close-Up: A Consumer's Guide to Psychotherapists
The Biomedical Therapies
Preventing Psychological Disorders

Chapter 18 Social Psychology

Social Thinking
Social Influence
Social Relations
Close-Up: Parallels Between Smoking and Media Violence Effects

Appendix A
Answers to Review Questions
Glossary G-1
References R-1
Name Index NI-1
Subject Index SI-1

Other Editions of Psychology - Text, Study Guide, Reader and CD

Psychology - Text Only by David G. Myers - ISBN 9780716764281