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Psychology : 8th Edition in Modules

Psychology : 8th Edition in Modules - 8th edition

Psychology : 8th Edition in Modules - 8th edition

ISBN13: 9780716779278

ISBN10: 0716779277

Psychology : 8th Edition in Modules by David G. Myers - ISBN 9780716779278
Edition: 8TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Worth Publishers, Inc.
International: No
Psychology : 8th Edition in Modules by David G. Myers - ISBN 9780716779278

ISBN13: 9780716779278

ISBN10: 0716779277

Edition: 8TH 07

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From his teaching and writing experiences, David Myers has concluded that students digest material more easily when it is presented in smaller portions. Ask students whether they would prefer a 700-page book to be organized as 14 50-page chapters or as 55 14-page chapters and their answers will approach a consensus: students prefer shorter chapters. Acting on this belief, Myers created a modular iteration of his best-selling text, Psychology, which breaks down the 18 chapters of Psychology into 58 short modules. The Eighth Edition reflects the author's continuing drive to discover the most effective way to communicate psychology's major ideas to an uninitiated audience.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction to the History and Science of Psychology

Module 1. The History and Scope of Psychology
Module 2. Thinking Critically with Psychological Science
Module 3. Research Strategies. How Psychologists Ask and Answer Questions

Neuroscience and Behavior

Module 4. Neural and Hormonal Systems
Module 5. The Brain
Nature, Nurture, and Human Diversity
Module 6. Behavior Genetics and Evolutionary Psychology
Module 7. Environmental Influences on Behavior, and Reflections on Nature and Nurture

Development Through the Life Span

Module 8. Prenatal Development and the Newborn
Module 9. Infancy and Childhood
Module 10. Adolescence
Module 11. Adulthood, and Reflections on Developmental Issues

Sensation and Perception

Module 12. Introduction to Sensation and Perception
Module 13. Vision
Module 14. Hearing
Module 15. Other Senses
Module 16. Perceptual Organization
Module 17. Perceptual Interpretation

States of Consciousness

Module 18. Waking and Sleeping Rhythms
Module 19. Hypnosis
Module 20. Drugs and Consciousness


Module 21. Classical Conditioning
Module 22. Operant Conditioning
Module 23. Learning by Observation


Module 24. Introduction to Memory
Module 25. Encoding. Getting Information In
Module 26. Storage. Retaining Information
Module 27. Retrieval. Getting Information Out
Module 28. Forgetting, Memory Construction, and Applying Memory Principles to Your Own Education

Thinking, Language, and Intelligence

Module 29. Thinking
Module 30. Language and Thought
Module 31. Introduction to Intelligence
Module 32. Assessing Intelligence
Module 33. Genetic and Environmental Influences on Intelligence

Motivation and Work

Module 34. Introduction to Motivation
Module 35. Hunger
Module 36. Sexual Motivation and the Need to Belong
Module 37. Motivation at Work


Module 38. Introduction to Emotion
Module 39. Experienced Emotion
Module 40. Expressed Emotion

Stress and Health

Module 41. Stress and Illness
Module 42. Coping With Stress
Module 43. Modifying Illness-Related Behaviors


Module 44. Psychoanalytic Perspective
Module 45. Humanistic Perspective
Module 46. Contemporary Research on Personality

Psychological Disorders

Module 47. Introduction to Psychological Disorders
Module 48. Anxiety Disorders
Module 49. Dissociative and Personality Disorders
Module 50. Mood Disorders
Module 51. Schizophrenia


Module 52. The Psychological Therapies
Module 53. Evaluating Psychotherapies
Module 54. The Biomedical Therapies

Social Psychology

Module 55. Social Thinking
Module 56. Social Influence
Module 57. Antisocial Relations
Module 58. Prosocial Relations