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Publication Manual of the APA - American Psychological Association

Publication Manual of the APA - American Psychological Association - 4th edition

Publication Manual of the APA - American Psychological Association - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9781557982414

ISBN10: 1557982414

Publication Manual of the APA - American Psychological Association by American Psychological Association - APA - ISBN 9781557982414
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 4TH 94
Copyright: 1994
Publisher: American Psychological Association - APA
International: No
Publication Manual of the APA - American Psychological Association by American Psychological Association - APA - ISBN 9781557982414

ISBN13: 9781557982414

ISBN10: 1557982414

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 4TH 94

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This new, fourth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, the first revision since the 1983 edition, offers updated information in four key areas: reporting statistics; writing without bias; preparing manuscripts with a word processor for electronic production; and publishing research in accordance with ethical principles of scientific publishing.

Two goals shape the changes throughout the fourth edition: (a) to encourage authors to write about their research with specificity and (b) to write about their participants with sensitivity and accuracy.
Regular users of the Publication Manual will find the chapters on editorial style and manuscript preparation to be comfortably familiar and a bit easier to use than in previous editions. Manuscript format requirements are more flexible and enable authors to take advantage of default settings available on most word processors.

The Publication Manual gives you all the information you need about the process of publication---from organizing, writing, keying, and submitting your manuscript, to seeing the accepted manuscript through production and publication. Plus, this fourth edition raises awareness of ethics issues in publishing and of choosing accurate, sensitive words in describing people.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Parts of a Manuscript Title Page
Revised policy on displaying affiliations
More guidance on describing research participants
Detailed guidelines for reporting statistics

Chapter 2

Expression of Ideas and Reducing Bias in Language
Expanded section provides general guidelines for writing about people with sensitivity
and accuracy and features a table showing problematic versus preferred usages

Chapter 3

Scientific Abbreviations
New section on APA style for abbreviations and a list of common units of measure
Information on organizing headings
Statistical Symbols
A list of common statistics
More examples of presenting results of analyses of variance, regression analyses, and
LISREL models
More detailed examples of well-executed figures and better guidelines for
creating them
Examples of references for electronic sources and legal materials

Chapter 4

Manuscript Preparation and Sample Paper
Completely rewritten with the word processor in mind
Functions That Can Help and Hinder Typesetting
Special characters
Italics versus underlining
Using spell checkers
More Flexible Formatting Guidelines for Manuscripts
Simplified spacing requirements after punctuation
Simplified indention requirements
Simplified style for underlining in reference entries

Chapter 5

Manuscript Acceptance and Electronic Production
New section explains how to prepare electronic files for streamlined production
Reviewing the Copyedited Manuscript
Instructions for reviewing copyediting done on-line or on paper

Chapter 6

Ethics of Scientific Publication, APA Journals Program
New section explaining the ethical issues involved in reporting results, plagiarism,
authorship responsibilities, duplicate publication of data, data verification, the peer
review process, and treatment of research participants


A new section of tips for converting a dissertation or thesis into an article
The new checklist for manuscript submission
A new checklist for transmitting accepted manuscripts for electronic production


Completely revised and expanded!