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Pursuit of Truth

Pursuit of Truth - rev edition

Pursuit of Truth - rev edition

ISBN13: 9780674739512

ISBN10: 0674739515

Pursuit of Truth by Willard V. Quine - ISBN 9780674739512
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: REV 92
Copyright: 1992
Publisher: Harvard University Press
International: No
Pursuit of Truth by Willard V. Quine - ISBN 9780674739512

ISBN13: 9780674739512

ISBN10: 0674739515

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: REV 92

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In Pursuit of Truth W. V. Quine gives us his latest word on issues to which he has devoted many years. As he says in the preface: 'In these pages I have undertaken to update, sum up, and clarify my variously intersecting views on cognitive meaning, objective reference, and the grounds of knowledge.' The pursuit of truth is a quest that links observation, theory, and the world. Various faulty efforts to forge such links have led to much intellectual confusion.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I Evidence

1. Stimulation and prediction
2. Observation sentences
3. Theory-laden?
4. Observation categoricals
5. Test and refutation
6. Holism
7. Empirical content
8. Norms and aims

II Reference

9. Bodies
10. Values of variables
11. Utility of reification
12. Indifference of ontology
13. Ontology defined

III Meaning

14. The field linguist's entering wedge
15. Stimulation again
16. To each his own
17. Translation resumed
18. Indeterminacy of translation
19. Syntax
20. Indeterminacy of reference
21. Whither meanings?
22. Domestic meaning
23. Lexicography

IV Intension

24. Perception and observation sentences
25. Perception extended
26. Perception of things
27. Belief and perception
28. Propositional attitudes
29. Anomalous monism
30. Modalities
31. A mentalistic heritage

V Truth

32. Vehicles of truth
33. Truth as disquotation
34. Paradox
35. Tarski's construction
36. Paradox skirted
37. Interlocked hierarchies
38. Excluded middle
39. Truth versus warranted belief
40. Truth in mathematics
41. Equivalent theories
42. Irresoluble rivalry
43. Two indeterminacies