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Quick and Not Dirty Guide to Business Writing

Quick and Not Dirty Guide to Business Writing - 97 edition

Quick and Not Dirty Guide to Business Writing - 97 edition

ISBN13: 9780137774838

ISBN10: 0137774834

Quick and Not Dirty Guide to Business Writing by Charles Marsh - ISBN 9780137774838
Edition: 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Gorsuch Scarisbrick, Pub.
International: No
Quick and Not Dirty Guide to Business Writing by Charles Marsh - ISBN 9780137774838

ISBN13: 9780137774838

ISBN10: 0137774834

Edition: 97

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A concise, accurate, and reader-friendly guide for writing and formatting 25 of the most common business and public relations documents -- internal documents, external documents, and internal/external documents. Ideal as both a text and as a desktop reference for writing outside the classroom, it features clear format and content guidelines and real-world examples.

Covers a large array of document selections -- including many of the documents that business writers will encounter in their career -- plus related areas such as ethics, desktop publishing, the writing process, and editing one's own writing.

Gets students writing as quickly as possible.

Provides sample real world documents throughout, in addition to a complete set of "single-organization" documents.

Reflects the "real world" more accurately through its diversity of subject matter coverage.

Offers a greater variety of documents than other similar texts -- e.g., news releases and other media relations documents, business letters and memos, etc.

Includes boxed sections on Writing for a Diverse Audience.

Features a complete chapter dedicated to E-mail etiquette, considerations for creating web sites on the World Wide Web, and for writing for the Information Highway.

Offers tips and organized list of techniques for writing effective, persuasive sentences under Rhetoric & Business Writing.

Outlines an effective 9-step process (The ACT Agenda) of editing and proofreading business documents to use throughout one's careers.

Presents a time-tested method for assessing the reading level of one's writing.

Gives important information sources to be used in a business writing career.

Author Bio

Marsh, Charles : University of Kansas Main Campus

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Before You Write.
2. External Documents: The Business Letter, The News
Release, The Media Kit, and Writing for Broadcast Media.
3. Internal Documents: The Memorandum, The Company
Announcement, The Policy and Procedure Document, and The
Business Report.
4. Internal/External Documents: The Newsletter/Magazine
Story, The Proposal, The Brochure, The Speech, and The
Annual Report.
5. Writing for the Information Highway.
6. Single-Organization Example Documents.
Appendix A: The ACT Agenda: An Editing and Proofreading

Appendix B: The Gunning Fog Index.
Appendix C. Writing a Resume and Cover Letter.
Appendix D: Recommended Resources.