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Racquetball : The Winning Edge

Racquetball : The Winning Edge - 99 edition

Racquetball : The Winning Edge - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780815144632

ISBN10: 0815144636

Racquetball : The Winning Edge by Jim Hiser - ISBN 9780815144632
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: W.C.Brown Pub.Co.
International: No
Racquetball : The Winning Edge by Jim Hiser - ISBN 9780815144632

ISBN13: 9780815144632

ISBN10: 0815144636

Edition: 99

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Part of the The Winning Edge Series, this text provides a complete introduction and explanation of the skills and techniques to take the court and partcipates as a competitive player. Offering an introduction and an explanation of facilities, equipment, rules and terminology, this book moves on to how to mentally and physically prepare for a game (doubles or singles). Individual chapters detail the dynamics of serving, basic shots, strategies, nutritional demands and conditioning.

  • Introductory chapters orients the beginner providing an overview of the history of the game, selecting equipment, getting started, safety issues and basic rules of play so they have all they need to know to get on the court and begin to play.
  • Clear and concise writing style integrates concepts with applications and how they combine to affect one's overall level of fitness offering a consistent format that is easy-to-understand and will help the beginner and intermediate player alike.
  • Professional photos and graphics illustrate proper form and technique and serve as an excellent tool for self-evaluation and guide for improvement.
  • Self-assessments included at the end of applicable chapters are perforated for easy removal and assist students in determining areas for improvement, charting progress, and guiding practice.
  • A bulleted list of objectives and closing summary which outlines and reinforces major points covered and includes bolded key terms that are defined in the text for provides for easy access and review of essential information in every chapter.
  • Peformance Tip boxes outline safety minded concepts, drills, applications, and procedures and give the reader a quick review of important information and helps to enhance results.
  • Rules of the AARA and Training Schedules appendices illustrate rules and help develop workout schedules ensuring students understand the official rules of the sport and to guide their play to keep them competitive.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 Racquetball: What's it All About?

2 Essential Equipment

3 Basics of the Game

4 Warming Up: Key to a Successful Game

5 Learning the Strokes

6 Practicing the Serve

7 Playing Basic Shots

8 Using the Back Wall

9 Developing Strategy

10 Playing Doubles

11 Nutritional Demands on the Athlete

12 Conditioning for Racquetball

13 Preparing for the Mental Game

14 Drills to Improve Your Game


A Rules of the American Amateur Racquetball Association
B Training Schedules and Peak Periodization