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Radiography Essentials for Limited Practice -Text Only

Radiography Essentials for Limited Practice -Text Only - 2nd edition

Radiography Essentials for Limited Practice -Text Only - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9781416024491

ISBN10: 1416024492

Radiography Essentials for Limited Practice -Text Only by Bruce Long, Eugene Frank and Ruth Ann Ehrlich - ISBN 9781416024491
Edition: 2ND 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Co.
International: No
Radiography Essentials for Limited Practice -Text Only by Bruce Long, Eugene Frank and Ruth Ann Ehrlich - ISBN 9781416024491

ISBN13: 9781416024491

ISBN10: 1416024492

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With an easier-to-understand, streamlined style, this new edition covers all the content areas needed by limited radiographer practitioners, included x-ray technology, anatomy, pathology and positioning, patient care, and other clinical skills. The introductory chapters explain the role of the limited practitioner and introduce the student to radiographic equipment. The radiologic sciences section covers the basics of physics, x-ray production, exposure technique, processing, and radiation safety. The positioning chapters provide instructions for positioning and imaging of the upper and lower extremities, pelvis, spine, chest, abdomen, and head. Other coverage includes legal and ethical concerns, patient care, infection control, and medical emergencies. The ancillary skills section covers procedures such as medication administration, urinalysis, and ECGs.

  • Step-by-step radiographic procedures offer an easy-to-understand, quick-reference. presentation of the different radiographic procedures encountered in limited radiography.
  • Boxes with special icons are used throughout each chapter, reinforcing and reiterating important points in the text.
  • More than 900 anatomy illustrations, positioning photos, and x-rays demonstrate positioning and the resulting x-rays in detail.
  • Learning objectives, key terms, and glossary highlight important information in each chapter.
  • Review questions and answers include short answer and essay questions, focusing the reader on the most important information and providing opportunities for review and self-assessment.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Role of the Radiographer in Limited Practice

Chapter 2. Introduction to Radiographic Equipment

Chapter 3. Basic Physics

Chapter 4. X-ray Production

Chapter 5. X-ray Circuit and Tube Heat Management

Chapter 6. Principles of Exposure and Image Quality

Chapter 7. Image Receptor Systems

Chapter 8. X-ray Darkroom and Film Processing

Chapter 9. Scatter Radiation and Its Control

Chapter 10. Formulating X-ray Techniques

Chapter 11. Radiobiology and Radiation Safety

Chapter 12. Introduction to Anatomy, Positioning, and Pathology

Chapter 13. Upper Extremity and Shoulder Girdle

Chapter 14. Lower Extremity and Pelvis

Chapter 15. Spine

Chapter 16. Chest, Abdomen, and Bony Thorax

Chapter 17. Skull, Facial Bones, and Paranasal Sinuses

Chapter 18. Radiography of Pediatric and Geriatric Patients

Chapter 19. Film Critique

Chapter 20. Ethics, Legal Considerations, and Professionalism

Chapter 21. Safety and Infection Control

Chapter 22. Assessing Patients and Managing Acute Situations

Chapter 23. Medications and Their Administration

Chapter 24. Medical Laboratory Skills

Chapter 25. Additional Procedures for Assessment and Diagnosis

Chapter 26. Mathematics for Radiographers