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Re-Visioning Family Therapy : Race, Culture and Gender in Clinical Practice

Re-Visioning Family Therapy : Race, Culture and Gender in Clinical Practice - 98 edition

Re-Visioning Family Therapy : Race, Culture and Gender in Clinical Practice - 98 edition

ISBN13: 9781572300279

ISBN10: 1572300272

Re-Visioning Family Therapy : Race, Culture and Gender in Clinical Practice by Monica  Ed. McGoldrick, - ISBN 9781572300279
Edition: 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Guilford Press
International: No
Re-Visioning Family Therapy : Race, Culture and Gender in Clinical Practice by Monica  Ed. McGoldrick, - ISBN 9781572300279

ISBN13: 9781572300279

ISBN10: 1572300272

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Exploring the ways that clients' lives, and family therapy itself, are constrained by larger forces of racial, cultural, sexual, and class-based inequality, this groundbreaking volume expands the boundaries of the field and works toward truly inclusive clinical practice. Editor Monica McGoldrick--whose earlier Ethnicity and Family Therapy provides in-depth portraits of the family systems of more than 40 ethnic groups--here takes up vital cultural issues that cut across all ethnicities. Integrating theoretical exposition, case vignettes, and evocative autobiographical narratives, contributors offer concrete suggestions for improving family therapy training and developing services that minority families may experience as more relevant to their lives.

"A timely and comprehensive source, this anthology provides a cultural lens for contextualizing reality. Amassing a stellar list of contributors, the book expands our views of families and establishes therapy as a more inclusive endeavor. An essential resource for every practitioner working with multicultural populations."
-Lillian Comas-Díaz, PhD

"With her visionary energy, Monica McGoldrick brings us a rare and satisfying book that extends the meaning of family therapy, expands the consciousness of the therapist, and insists that the reader be deeply changed in some fundamental way. To pay careful attention to the compelling insights in this volume--and I suggest you do--is to take a large evolutionary leap forward."
-Harriet Lerner, PhD

"This book delivers more than a new vision of family therapy. The contributors give us new practices, new theories, and new theories of practice which have revolutionary implications for all psychotherapies and thus for all clients who share their lives, cultures, and problems with us. This paradigm-shifting volume documents and illuminates how culture is not only a label for the 'other,' but a coat of many colors which gives meaning, feeling, and value to all our lives, and which, once we take the measure of its profundity, will explode our common-sense notions of identity, psyche, and psychotherapy."
-Virginia Goldner, PhD

Author Bio

McGoldrick, Monica (Ed.) : Family Institute of New Jersey

Monica McGoldrick, ACSW, PhD (h.c.), is the cofounder and Director of the Family Institute of New Jersey, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and Visiting Professor at Fordham University School of Social Service. The senior editor of Ethnicity and Family Therapy, now in its second edition, she has published and spoken widely on topics including culture, class, gender, the family life cycle, grief and loss, genograms, and family relationships

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. A Framework for Re-Visioning Family Therapy

1. Introduction: Re-Visioning Family Therapy through a Cultural Lens, McGoldrick
2. Theorizing Culture: Narrative Ideas and Practice Principles, Laird
3. The Cultural Meaning of Family Triangles, Falicov
4. Social Class as a Relationship: Implications for Family Therapy, Kliman
5. Beliefs, Spirituality, and Transcendance, Walsh
6. Climbing Up the Rough Side of the Mountain: Hope, Culture, and Therapy, Hines

II. Challenging Racism in Ideology and Training

7. Race and the Field of Family Therapy, Green
8. Training Programs: Guidelines for Multicultural Transformation, Green
9. The Dynamics of a Pro-Racist Ideology: Implications for Family Therapists, Hardy and Laszloffy
10. The Talking Oppression Blues: Including the Experience of Power/Powerlessness in the Teaching of "Cultural Sensitivity," Akamatsu

III. What It Means to Be White

11. White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, McIntosh
12. Body Ritual among the Nacirema, Miner
13. Dismantling White Male Privilege within Family Therapy, Dolan-Del Vecchio

IV. Cultural Legacies

14. Black Genealogy Revisited: Restorying an African American Family, Pinderhughes
15. The Discovery of My Multicultural Identity, Colón
16. Belonging and Liberation: Finding a Place Called "Home," McGoldrick
17. Racial Unity from the Perspective of Personal Family History: Where Black and White Entered Our Families, Mahboubi and Searcy
18. No Longer an Orphan in History, Folwarski

V. Therapy with Different Populations

19. The Double Binds of Racism, Mahmoud
20. African American Couples in Therapy, Boyd-Franklin and Franklin
21. African American Sibling Relationships, Watson
22. Intercultural Couples, Crohn
23. Marriages of Asian Women and American Military Men: The Impact of Gender and Culture, Kim
24. The Families of Lesbian Women and Gay Men, Johnson and Keren
25. Latinas in the United States: Bridging Two Worlds, Preto

VI. Migration

26. Forced to Flee: Clinical Reflections on Refugee Families, Mock
27. Migration and the Disruption of the Social Network, Sluzki
28. The Impact of Multiple Contexts on Recent Immigrant Families, Mirkin

VII. New Approaches to Therapy Practice

29. Marginal Illuminations: A Fifth Province Approach to Intracultural Issues in an Irish Context, Byrne and McCarthy
30. The Challenges of Culture to Psychology and Postmodern Thinking, Waldegrave
31. The Cultural Context Model: An Overview, Almeida, Woods, Messineo, and Font