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Readings for Writers

Readings for Writers - 9th edition

Readings for Writers - 9th edition

ISBN13: 9780155038448

ISBN10: 0155038443

Readings for Writers by Jo Roy McCuen and Anthony C. Winkler - ISBN 9780155038448
Edition: 9TH 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Harcourt Brace or Harcourt Press
International: No
Readings for Writers by Jo Roy McCuen and Anthony C. Winkler - ISBN 9780155038448

ISBN13: 9780155038448

ISBN10: 0155038443

Edition: 9TH 98

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The Ninth Edition of Readings for Writers continues a long-standing tradition of inspiring and promoting attention to detail and technique in writing of all stages and forms. A large number of readings are included; predominantly essays, but some short stories as well. This unique text groups readings contained in each chapter according to function as ''Advice'' ''Example'' or ''Discussion'' to increase student awareness of the principles addressed in each exercise. Examples of effective written approaches to controversial issues are addressed in sections entitled ''Critical Thinking and Debate.''

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. What is Rhetoric

Donald Murray, When and How to Write When You Have No Time to Write ,
How I Write , Tilly Warnock
Martin Luther King, Jr., I Have a Dream
John Keats, Letter to Fanny Brawne
Frances P. , Is There a Santa Clause?
Remedios Varo, Painting: Toward the Tower
John Taylor, Are You Politically Correct?
Rosa Ehrenreich, What Campus Radicals? The PC Undergrad Is A Useful Specter
Carlye Ketchum, Sheer Confusion
How I Write / How I Wrote this Essay/ My Writing Tip / Carlye Ketchum

2. What is a Writer's Voice?

Paul Roberts, How to Say Nothing in Five Hundred Words
F.L. Lucas, What is Style?
Bartolomeo Vanzetti, Remarks on the Life of Sacco and on His Own Life and Execution
Langston Hughes, Salvation
Stephen Leacock, A, B, and C: The Human Element in Mathematics
Dan Greenburg, Three Bears in Search of an Author
Ernest J. Gaines, The Sky is Gray
Wislawa Szymborska, In Praise of Dreams
Amanda Bennett and Anita Sharpe, Who's Really at Risk for AIDS?
Donna Ferentes, AIDS is God's Punishment
Scott Gavorsky, The Evolutionary Past and Future of AIDS
How I Write / How I Wrote This Essay / My Writing Tip / Scott Gavorsky

3. What is a Thesis

Sheridan Baker, The Thesis
Harry Crosby and George Estey, The Controlling Concept
Roxanne Roberts, The Grieving Never Ends

4. Planning and Organizing

Edward T. Thompson, How to Write Clearly
Samuel H. Scudder, Take This Fish and Look at It
E.M. Forster, My Wood
Donald Kagan, Why Western History Matters
James Thurber, The Catbird Seat
William Shakespeare, That Time of Year
George Tooker, Painting: The Subway
Gore Vidal, Drugs
Morton M. Kondracke, Don't Legalize Drugs
Linda Kunze, Drug Use: The Continuing Epidemic
How I Write, How I Wrote this Essay, My Writing Tip / Linda Kunze

5. Writing Paragraphs

A.M. Tibbetts and Charlene Tibbetts, Writing Successful Paragraphs
Richard M. Weaver, The Function of the Paragraph
Edith Hamilton, From the Lessons of the Past
William Somerset Maugham, Pain
Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, I am Tired of Fighting
W.T. Stace, Man Against Darkness
Mark Van Doren, What is a Poet ?
Lewis Thomas, M.D., On Disease
Robert Frost, The Flood
Diego Rivera, Painting: Man and Machinery
Joseph W. Krutch, Our Values Hurt the Environment
Lester C. Thurow, Economic Growth Requires Environmental Compromises
Michele Izzo, Saving Life on Earth: It Doesn't Take an Education
How I Write, How I Wrote This Essay, My Writing Tip, Michele Izzo

6. How to Write a Narration

George Orwell, Shooting an Elephant
Amy Tan, The Red Candle
Jerome K. Jerome, The Odour of Cheese
Dick Gregory, Shame
Robert Hayden, Those Winter Sundays
Albert Speer, Hitler
H.L. Mencken, The Libido for the Ugly
E.B. White, Once More to the Lake
James Joyce, Hell
Eudora Welty, A Worn Path
May Swenson, Pigeon Woman
Arthur Grimble, Sharks
Consumer Reports, Used Cars: Finding a Good Buy
Jane Elizabeth Lemke, An Open Window on My Private World
Donald Barthelme, Some of Us Had Been Threatening Our Friend Colby
Kenneth Patchen, How to be an Army
Lynn Z. Bloom, Teaching College English as a Woman
William Zinsser, The Right to Fail
Rebecca Schlafer, Finding the Force
How I Write, How I Wrote This Essay, My Writing Tip / Rebecca Schlafer

7. How to Write with Examples

Barry Parr, The Buck Stops Where?
John Leo, ''Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall . . .''
Gail Godwin, A Diarist on Diarists
Adrienne Rich, Living in Sin
Ellen Goodman, Putting in a Good Word for Guilt
Pico Iyer, In Praise of the Humble Comma
Gilbert Highet, Kitsch
Frank Deford, Cystic Fibrosis
Archibald MacLeish, Ars Poetica
Melba Pattillo Beals, Warriors Don't Cry
Dinesh D'Souza, The End of Racism
Nancey Phillips, Racism
How I Write, How I Wrote this Essay, My Writing Tip / Nancey Phillips

8. How to Write a Comparison or Contrast

Ralph Waldo Emerson, From Conservatism and Liberalism,
Suzanne Britt, That Lean and Hungry Look
Gilbert Highet, Diogenes and Alexander
Bruce Catton, Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts
Alfredo Lubrano, Bricklayer's Boy
Alastair Reid, Curiosity
William Golding, Thinking as a Hobby
John Holt, Kinds of Discipline
Francis Bacon, The Idols
Bart Edelman, English
Jim Corbett, Why Tigers Become Man Eaters
Allan Bloom, Books
Henry Davis Thoreau, Why I went to the Woods
Kate Chopin, The Storm
Robert Frost, Design
Brian Gabriel, A Good War Will Set Gen X Straight
Ted Byfield, One Delightful Hour Spent with the Generation We Have Betrayed
Sean Cotton, Generation X
How I Write, How I Wrote this Essay, My Writing Tip / Sean Cotton

9. Introduction to Argumentation

Richard D. Altick, Obstacles to Clear Thinking
John C. Sherwood, Introduction to Logic
Jonathan Swift, A Modest Proposal
Judy Syfers, I Want a Wife
Andrew Vachss, Sex Predators Can't Be Saved
Sylvia Rabiner, How the Superwoman Myth Puts Women Down
James Michie, Dooley Is a Traitor
Jacob Lawrence, Painting: The Seamstress
Joseph Perkins, Homeless: Expose the Myths
Linda Weltner, How She Became Homeless
Antoinette Poodt, People Out on a Limb

10. Introduction to the Meaning of Words

Richard K. Redfern, A Brief Lexicon of Jargon
Bill Bryson, Change in the English Language
Deb Price, Cleaning Catalog of Ills
TIME, Baffle-Gab Thesaurus
Laura Bohannan, Shakespeare in the Bush
Jimmy Santiago Baca, Coming Into Langauge
Carl Sandburg, Threes
Norman Rockwell, Painting: The Problem We All Live With
Anna Quindlen, The Great White Myth
Wilma J. Moore, The Route to 9066
Becky Winkler, Affirmative Action and Women
How I Write, How I Wrote this Essay, My Writing Tip / Becky Winkler


Elynor Baughman, The Bilingually Handicapped Child
Margie Vickers, Dian Fossey: A Scientist Who Stopped Caring About Science
Douglass B. Inman, A Worn, But Lightly Traveled Path