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Reflect and Relate

Reflect and Relate - 3rd edition

Reflect and Relate - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780312564599

ISBN10: 0312564597

Reflect and Relate by Steven McCornack - ISBN 9780312564599
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 13
Copyright: 2013
Publisher: Bedford Books
International: No
Reflect and Relate by Steven McCornack - ISBN 9780312564599

ISBN13: 9780312564599

ISBN10: 0312564597

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 13

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

McCornack, Reflect & Relate 3e


Chapter 1: Introducing Interpersonal Communication

What Is Communication?

What Is Interpersonal Communication?

What Is Interpersonal Communication Competence?

Issues in Interpersonal Communication

The Journey Ahead

VideoCentral: channel, linear communication model, noise, self-monitoring, and transactional communication model


Chapter 2: Considering Self

The Components of Self

The Sources of Self

Presenting Your Self

The Relational Self

Improving Your Self

VideoCentral: face, mask, self-disclosure, self-fulfilling prophecies, and social comparison

Chapter 3: Perceiving Others

Perception as a Process

Influences on Perception

Forming Impressions of Others

Improving Your Perception of Others

Practicing Responsible Perception

VideoCentral: algebraic impressions, empathy, halo effect, horn effect, punctuation, self-serving bias, and Uncertainty Reduction Theory

Chapter 4: Experiencing and Expressing Emotions

The Nature of Emotion

Forces Shaping Emotion

Managing Your Emotional Experience and Expression

Emotional Challenges

Living a Happy Emotional Life

VideoCentral: blended emotions, display rules, emotional contagion, encounter avoidance, encounter structuring, reappraisal, and supportive communication

Chapter 5: Listening Actively

Listening: A Five-Step Process

The Five Functions of Listening

Understanding Listening Styles

Preventing Incompetent Listening

The Gift of Active Listening

VideoCentral: action-oriented listeners, aggressive listening, content-oriented listeners, narcissistic listening, selective listening, and time-oriented listeners

Chapter 6: Communicating Verbally

Characteristics of Verbal Communication

Functions of Verbal Communication

Cooperative Verbal Communication

Barriers to Cooperative Verbal Communication

The Power of Verbal Communication

VideoCentral: connotative meaning, defensive communication, denotative meaning, ''I'' language, ''we'' language, and ''you'' language

Chapter 7: Communicating Nonverbally

Principles of Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal Communication Codes

Functions of Nonverbal Communication

Responsibly Managing Your Nonverbal Communication

VideoCentral: adaptor, affect display, emblem, haptics, illustrator, kinesics, proxemics, regulator, and vocalics

Chapter 8: Managing Conflict and Power

Conflict and Interpersonal Communication

Power and Conflict

Handling Conflict

Conflict Endings

Challenges to Handling Conflict

Managing Conflict and Power

VideoCentral: accommodation, avoidance, collaboration, competition, compromise, expertise currency, intimacy currency, personal currency, power, resource currency, sniping, and social network currency

Chapter 9: Relationships with Romantic Partners

Defining Romantic Relationships

Romantic Attraction

Relationship Development and Deterioration

Maintaining Romantic Relationships

The Dark Side of Romantic Relationships

The Hard Work of Successful Love

VideoCentral: bonding, differentiating, experimenting, integrating, relational dialectics, relational maintenance, and stagnating

Chapter 10: Relationships with Family Members

Defining Family

Communicating In Families

Maintaining Family Relationships

Family Relationship Challenges

The Primacy of Family

VideoCentral: consensual families, laissez-faire families, pluralistic families, and protective families

Chapter 11: Relationships with Friends

The Nature of Friendship

Types of Friendship

Maintaining Friendships

Friendship Challenges

The Importance of Friends

VideoCentral: agentic friendships and communal friendships

Chapter 12: Relationships in the Workplace

The Nature of Workplace Relationships

Peer Relationships

Mixed-Status Relationships

Challenges to Workplace Relationships

Workplace Relationships and Human Happiness

VideoCentral: advocacy, defensive climate, downward communication, professional peers, supportive climate, and upward communication