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Reinventor's Fieldbook : Tools for Transforming Your Government

Reinventor's Fieldbook : Tools for Transforming Your Government - 00 edition

Reinventor's Fieldbook : Tools for Transforming Your Government - 00 edition

ISBN13: 9780787943325

ISBN10: 0787943320

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Jossey-Bass, Inc.
International: No

ISBN13: 9780787943325

ISBN10: 0787943320

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 00

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This encyclopedia of practical tools, from best-selling author David Osborne, offers a variety of indispensable lessons for managers in any government position--from the schoolhouse to the state house.

A comprehensive encyclopedia of practical tools for public leaders, managers, and employees

Presenting more than 70 tools, The Reinventor's Fieldbook includes hundreds of practical ''lessons learned,'' ''do's and don'ts,'' ''steps to take,'' and ''pitfalls to avoid'' in public management and governance. Based on dozens of case studies from five countries, it covers the waterfront of high-performance public organizations, including: customer choice and customer service standards, performance measurement, and performance budgeting; employee empowerment and labor-management partnerships; managed competition and asset privatization; partnerships with communities; culture change strategies; and administrative system reform.

Author Bio

Osborne, David :

David Osborne is author or coauthor of several books on government reform, including Reinventing Government and Banishing Bureaucracy. A partner in the Public Strategies Group, Osborne has consulted with governments at every level to help develop strategies for improving performance. In 1993, he served as a senior advisor to Vice President Al Gore and as chief author of the 1993 report of the National Performance Review.

Plastrik, Peter :

Peter Plastrik is coauthor of Banishing Bureaucracy and author of numerous articles about reinventing government, community development, and economic development. A former chief deputy of the Michigan Department of Commerce, he now consults for foundations, nonprofit organizations, and governments.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I: The Core Strategy: Creating Clarity of Purpose

1. Improving Your Aim: Using Strategic Management to Create Clarity of Direction. Visioning. Outcome Goals. Steering Organizations. Strategy Development. Mission Statements. Long-term Budget Forecasting. Strategic Evaluation

2. Clearing the Decks: Eliminating Functions That No Longer Serve Core Purposes. Program Reviews. Periodic Options Reviews. Sunset Reviews. Asset Sales. Quasi. Privatization Methods. Devolution

3. Uncoupling: Creating Clarity of Role by Separating Steering and Rowing. Flexible Performance Frameworks

Part II: The Consequences Strategy: Introducing Consequences for Performance

4. Enterprise Management: Using Markets to Create Consequences. Corporatization. Enterprise Funds. User Fees. Internal Enterprise Management

5. Managed Competition: Using Competitive Contracts and Benchmarks to Create Consequences. Competitive Bidding. Competitive Benchmarking

6. Performance Management: Using Rewards to Create Consequences. Performance Awards. Psychic Pay. Bonuses. Gainsharing. Shared Savings. Efficiency Dividends. Performance Pay. Performance Contracts and Agreements. Performance Budgets

7. Performance Measurement: The Critical Competency

Part III: The Customer Strategy: Putting the Customer in the Driver's Seat

8. Competitive Customer Choice: Making Customers Powerful Through Choice and Competition. Competitive Public Choice Systems. Vouchers. Customer Information Systems. Brokers

9. Customer Quality Assurance: Making Organizations Accountable for Service Quality. Service Standards. Quality Guarantees. Redress. Complaint Systems. Customer Councils and Boards. Customer Service Agreements. Customer Voice: A Critical Competence

Part IV: The Control Strategy: Shifting Control Away from the Top and Center

10. Organizational Empowerment: Giving Managers the Power to Manage. Decentralizing Administrative Controls. Site-Based Management. Waiver Policies. Opting Out for Chartering. Beta Sites. Reinvention Laboratories. Intergovernmental Deregulation. Mass Organizational Deregulation

11. Employee Empowerment: Giving Frontline Employees the Power to Improve Results. Delayering Management. Organizational Decentralization. Breaking Up Functional Silos. Labor-Management PartnershipWork Teams. Self-Directed Team. Employee Suggestion Programs

12. Community Empowerment: Giving Communities the Power to Solve Their Own Problems. Empowerment Agreements. Community Governance Bodies. Community Visioning and Goal Setting. Collaborative PlanningCommunity-Based Funding. Asset Transfers to Communities

Part V: The Culture Strategy: Developing an Entrepreneurial Culture

13. Changing Habits: Creating a New Culture by Introducing New Experiences. Meeting the Customers. Walking in the Customer's Shoes. Job RotationInternships & Externships. Cross. Walking & Cross. Talking. Institutional Sponsors. Contests. Large-Scale, Real-Time Strategic PlanningWork. OutsHands-On Organizational Experiences. Redesigning Work

14. Touching Hearts: Developing a New Covenant Within Your Organization. Creating New Symbols. Telling New Stories. Celebrating Success. Honoring Failure. New Rituals. Investing in the Workplace. Redesigning the Workplace. Investing in Employees. Bonding Events. Sending Valentines

15. Winning Minds: Changing Employees' Mental Models. Surfacing the Givens. Benchmarking Performance. Site Visits. Learning Groups. Creating a Sense of Mission. Building a Shared Vision. Articulating Organizational Values, Beliefs, and Principles. Using New Language. In-House Schoolhouses. Orienting New Members

Appendix: General Resources