Researching The Polity (Custom) 2nd edition (9781592601219) -
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Researching The Polity (Custom)

Researching The Polity (Custom) - 2nd edition

Researching The Polity (Custom) - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9781592601219

ISBN10: 1592601219

Researching The Polity (Custom) by Laurence Jones and Edward Olson - ISBN 9781592601219
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Atomic Dog
International: No
Researching The Polity (Custom) by Laurence Jones and Edward Olson - ISBN 9781592601219

ISBN13: 9781592601219

ISBN10: 1592601219

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 05
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Researching the Polity provides students in political science with the tools and methods necessary to understand and conduct research within the sphere of their field. Examples of actual studies and a detailed workbook emphasize the role of correctly applying SPSS research software and principles when conducting studies.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Conducting Systematic Political Research: An Overview

1-1 Introduction
1-2 The Importance of Political Research: An Overview
1-3 Characteristics of Scientific Research
1-4 Acquiring Scientific Knowledge
1-5 Obstacles to the Scientific Study of Politics
1-6 The Use of Theory to Investigate the Scope of Politics
1-7 Traditional Methods Used to Investigate the Scope of Politics
1-8 Modern Methods Used to Investigate the Scope of Politics
1-9 Composite Political Research: Our Method of Choice
1-10 The Systematic Research Process

Chapter 2 - The Problem: Essence of the Research Project

2-1 Introduction
2-2 Deciding on a Potential Topic
2-3 The Research Problem
2-4 Topic Selection: Some Concluding Remarks

Chapter 3 - The Literature Review: Becoming Familiar with Your Topic

3-1 Introduction
3-2 Purpose of the Review
3-3 How to Begin the Search for Related Literature
3-4 How to Write the Literature Review

Part 2 - The Scope of Political Science
Chapter 4 - An Overview of the Political World

4-1 Introduction
4-2 Politics and Human Relations
4-3 Politics and Human Nature
4-4 The Political System
4-5 Some Key Political Concepts
4-6 The Major Political Questions
4-7 The Political Science Discipline
4-8 Political Science Subfields

Chapter 5 - The American Political Process

5-1 Introduction
5-2 Political Environment: Revolutionary Ideals and Constitutionalism
5-3 Some Key Questions
5-4 How the System Works
5-5 The American Political System

Chapter 6 - Public Administration and Public Policy

6-1 Introduction
6-2 Public Administration: Our Working Definition
6-3 The Who of Public Administration
6-4 The What of Public Administration: The Functions of Public Administration
6-5 The How of Public Administration
6-6 Administrative Ethics: A Fertile Field for Research

Chapter 7 - Comparative Politics

7-1 Introduction
7-2 The Study of Comparative Politics
7-3 Approaches to the Study of Comparative Politics
7-4 Key Questions and Concepts: Methods
7-5 Key Questions and Concepts: Substantive
7-6 The State of Comparative Politics

Chapter 8 - International Relations

8-1 Introduction
8-2 The Study of International Relations
8-3 Key Concepts
8-4 Some Key Questions
8-5 The Goals of Nation-States
8-6 How States Play the Game
8-7 The Causes of War
8-8 Approaches to the Study of International Relations

Part 3 - The Methods of Political Science
Chapter 9 - Elements of Research: Determining Causal Relationships

9-1 Introduction
9-2 Constructing Causal Explanations
9-3 Multiple Causation

Chapter 10 - Understanding Measurement

10-1 Introduction
10-2 The Theory of Measurement
10-3 Levels of Measurement
10-4 Measurement Validity
10-5 Measurement Reliability

Chapter 11 - The Research Design

11-1 Introduction
11-2 The Research Design: An Overview
11-3 Preexperimental Designs
11-4 Experimental Designs
11-5 Nonexperimental Designs
11-6 Other Types of Research Designs
11-7 Obstacles to a Successful Research Effort
11-8 A Comparison of Research Designs

Chapter 12 - Data Collection and Input

12-1 Introduction
12-2 Data Collection Techniques
12-3 Sampling
12-4 Sample Designs
12-5 Determining the Sample Size
12-6 Survey Errors
12-7 Coding the Data
12-8 Data Input

Chapter 13 - Univariate Statistics

13-1 Introduction
13-2 The Role of Statistics
13-3 Limitations of Statistics in Research
13-4 The Frequency Distribution
13-5 Graphic Presentations
13-6 Measures of Central Tendency
13-7 Measures of Dispersion
13-8 Shape of the Distribution and Metric Distributions

Chapter 14 - Bivariate Statistics

14-1 Introduction
14-2 The Rudiments of Association
14-3 Contingency Tables or Cross-Tabulation
14-4 Measures of Association
14-5 Statistical Significance and Hypothesis Testing
14-6 Bivariate Tests for Metric Data

Chapter 15 - Multivariate Analysis

15-1 Introduction
15-2 On the Nature of Control
15-3 Multivariate Cross-Tabulation to Control for the Effect of an Antecedent Variable
15-4 Multivariate Cross-Tabulation to Control for the Effect of an Intervening Variable
15-5 Disadvantages of Cross-Tabulation Procedures
15-6 Partial Correlation
15-7 Multiple Regression
15-8 Determining the Relative Importance of Coefficients

Chapter 16 - Putting It All Together

16-1 Introduction
16-2 Theoretical Implications
16-3 Policy Implications
16-4 Writing the Report
Appendix 1 - Sample Research Studies
1-1 Research Paper 1: Examining Public Attitudes toward Miscegenation
1-2 Research Paper 2: Examining Public Attitudes toward Workplace Equity
Appendix 2 - Political Science World Wide Web Resources
2-1 The American Political Process [Chapter 5]
2-2 Public Administration and Public Policy [Chapter 6]
2-3 Comparative Politics [Chapter 7]
2-4 International Relations [Chapter 8]
Appendix - Bibliography