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Risk Assessment for Environmental Health

Risk Assessment for Environmental Health - 07 edition

Risk Assessment for Environmental Health - 07 edition

ISBN13: 9780787983192

ISBN10: 0787983195

Risk Assessment for Environmental Health by Mark G. Robson - ISBN 9780787983192
Edition: 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Jossey-Bass, Inc.
International: No
Risk Assessment for Environmental Health by Mark G. Robson - ISBN 9780787983192

ISBN13: 9780787983192

ISBN10: 0787983195

Edition: 07

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Written by experts in the field this important book provides an introduction to current risk assessment practices and procedures and explores the intrinsic complexities challenges and controversies associated with analysis of environmental health risks. ''Environmental Health Risk Assessment for Public Health'' offers 27 substantial chapters on risk-related topics that include: What Is Risk and Why Study Risk Assessment The Risk Assessment-Risk Management Paradigm Risk Assessment and Regulatory Decision-Making in Environmental Health Toxicological Basis of Risk Assessment The Application of PBPK Modeling to Risk Assessment Probabilistic Models to Characterize Aggregate and Cumulative Risk Molecular Basis of Risk Assessment Comparative Risk Assessment Occupational Risk Radiological Risk Assessment Microbial Risk Assessment Children's Risk Assessment Life Cycle Risk Environmental Laws and Regulations Precautionary Principles Risk Communication

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Figures Tables and Exhibits.Preface.About the Editors.About the Contributors.

1 Introduction to Risk Assessment in Public Health (Mark Robson and Fred Ellerbusch).

2 The Risk Assessment-Risk Management Paradigm (Gilbert S. Omenn).

3 Risk Assessment and Regulatory Decision Making in Environmental Health (Felicia Wu and William H. Farland).

4 Toxicological Basis for Risk Assessment (Tee L. Guidotti and Marina S. Moses).

5 The Application of Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling to Risk Assessment (Raymond S. H. Yang and Yasong Lu).

6 Probabilistic Models for Characterizing Aggregate and Cumulative Risk (John L. Adgate and Gurumurthy Ramachandran).

7 Molecular Tools for Risk Assessment (William A. Toscano and Chisato Mori).

8 Comparative Risk Assessment (Michele Morrone).

9 Risk in the Workplace: Where Analysis Began and Problems Remain Unsolved (Adam M. Finkel and P. Barry Ryan).

10 Radiological Risk Assessment (Ronald O. Rahn and Arthur C. Upton).

11 Microbial Risk Assessment (Rebecca T. Parkin).

12 Children's Risk Assessment (Natalie C. G. Freeman).

13 Biological Monitoring of Exposure to Environmental Chemicals Throughout the Life Stages: Requirements and Issues to Consider for Birth Cohort Studies (Dana B. Barr Richard Y. Wang and Larry L. Needham).

14 Overview of Environmental Public Health Laws and Their Relation to Risk (Russellyn S. Carruth and Bernard D. Goldstein).

15 Why Risk Assessment Is Not Enough to Protect Health: Rationale for a Precautionary Approach to Science and Policy (Joel A. Tickner).

16 Risk Communication (Susan L. Santos).CASE STUDIES IN RISK ASSESSMENT.

17 Improvement of Risk Assessments for Multicontaminant Sites in the Face of Critical Data Gaps (Yoram Cohen and Adrienne Katner).

18 Intraspecies Differences in Acute Acrylonitrile Toxicity (Gwendolyn Ball Clif McLellan and Lori Bestervelt).

19 Drinking Water Contamination by Perchlorates from Department of Defense Rocket Fuel Facilities (Terry Gratton and Norman Trieff).

20 Multi-Pathway Risk Assessment for Children Living Near a Hazardous Waste Site (Serap Erdal).

21 Child with Asthma Living in a Moisture-Damaged Home (Myrtis Sullivan).

22 Endocrine Disruption Through Phthalates/Plasticizers (Christine Ziebold).

23 Estimation of Health and Safety Risks from Exposure to Chlorine and Chloroform for Swimmers in Pools (Richard P. Hubner).

24 U-Shaped Dose-Response Curve for Risk Assessment of Essential Trace Elements: Copper as a Case Study (Bonnie Ransom Stern).

25 Ecosystem Risk Assessment: The Neuse River Estuary North Carolina (Craig A. Stow Mark E. Borsuk and Kenneth H. Reckhow).

26 The Ohio Comparative Risk Project (Michele Morrone).

27 Community-Based Risk Assessment: DDT Contamination in Triana Alabama (Padma Tadi-Uppala).

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