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Science of Sound

Science of Sound - 2nd edition

Science of Sound - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780201157277

ISBN10: 0201157276

Science of Sound by Thomas D. Rossing - ISBN 9780201157277
Edition: 2ND 90
Copyright: 1990
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.
International: No
Science of Sound by Thomas D. Rossing - ISBN 9780201157277

ISBN13: 9780201157277

ISBN10: 0201157276

Edition: 2ND 90

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The Science of Sound is a lavishly illustrated, authoritative text that comprehensively covers the science of sound. Students of acoustics, speech and learning and physics will appreciate this text. Emphasis is placed on understanding the phenomena of sound, and a wide variety of topics are discussed. Physics fundamentals are presented early to allow for a branching out of topics later in the course.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I Motion, Energy, Waves, and 'ther Physical Principles

1 Motion, Force, and Energy
2 Vibrating Systems
3 Waves
4 Resonance

II Perception and Measurement of Sound

5 Hearing
6 Sound Pressure, Power, and Loudness
7 Pitch and Timbre
8 Combination Tones and Harmony

III Acoustics of Musical Instruments

9 Musical Scales and Temperament
10 String Instruments
11 Brass Instruments
12 Woodwind Instruments
13 Percussion Instruments
14 Keyboard Instruments

IV The Human Voice

15 Speech Production
16 Speech Recognition, Analysis, and Synthesis
17 Singing

V The Electrical Production of Sound

18 A Little About Electricity
19 Filters, Amplifiers, and Oscillators
20 Microphones and Loudspeakers
21 The Recording and Reproduction of Sound
22 Components for High-Fidelity Sound

VI The Acoustics of Rooms

23 Auditorium Acoustics
24 Electronic Reinforcements of Sound
25 High-Fidelity Sound-Reproducing Systems

VII Electronic Music

26 Electronic Organs and other Musical Instruments
27 Electronic Music Synthesizers
28 Digital Techniques for Generating and Recording Sound
29 Digital Computers and Musical Sound

VIII Environmental Noise

30 Noise in the Environment
31 The Effects of Noise on People
32 The Control of Noise
33 Measuring Instruments

Answers to odd-Numbered Problems

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Science of Sound by Thomas D. Rossing, F. Richard Moore and Paul A. Wheeler - ISBN 9780805385656