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Short Guide to Writing About Psychology

Short Guide to Writing About Psychology - 04 edition

Short Guide to Writing About Psychology - 04 edition

ISBN13: 9780321094247

ISBN10: 0321094247

Short Guide to Writing About Psychology by Dana Dunn - ISBN 9780321094247
Edition: 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.
International: No
Short Guide to Writing About Psychology by Dana Dunn - ISBN 9780321094247

ISBN13: 9780321094247

ISBN10: 0321094247

Edition: 04

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Featuring up-to-date writing techniques and the latest APA-style guidelines, this brief guide helps students master the skills necessary for writing in psychology.

This brief guide takes students step-by-step through the writing process--from choosing a topic, to outlining, drafting, and revising their papers, to seeking feedback from peers. In addition, it presents thorough discussions of researching psychological literature in the library and on the Internet and presenting those findings in written and oral formats. Special attention is given to interpreting and reporting the results of statistical tests, as well as preparing data displays in tables and figures. Introducing students to all elements of professional writing in APA style, this supplemental guide provides practical tips for general types of writing that students encounter in the social sciences.


  • Chapter discussions and exercises cover all stages of the writing process: freewriting, drafting, revising and editing.
  • Addresses all aspects of writing in psychology, including writing lab reports, selecting appropriate statistics, creating tables and figures, and preparing talks, symposia, and poster presentations.
  • A timeline in Chapter 1 helps students identify activities and allocate time for writing their psychology paper.
  • "Writer's Guidepost" boxes in each chapter offer practical advice based on the habits of professional writers in and outside of psychology; chapter summaries review core ideas of the chapter and prepare the student for the next chapter.
  • Flowcharts in each chapter visually outline the necessary steps in some aspect of the writing process, such as doing a library search or proofreading a draft.
  • "Preventing Plagiarism" in Chapter 3 compares plagiarized and correctly paraphrased passages.
  • Appendices include a sample student APA paper and a comprehensive list of psychology journals.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Writing in Psychology.

Writing in Psychology.
Planning Writing: Timing Is Everything.

2. Searching the Psychological Literature.

Process overview: Searching the Psychological Literature.
Doing Library Research.
Psychology Online: Using Databases.
Searching the Internet.
Keeping Track of References.

3. Reading the Psychological Literature.

How to Read.
Taking Notes on What You Read.
Preventing Plagiarism--Taking Notes, Not Copying Them.

4. Getting Started Writing.

Getting Started: Pre-Writing Activities.
Writing Subsequent Drafts.
Revising: Top to Bottom Every Time.
Seeking Feedback.

5. Writing APA Style Papers: Content and Guidance.

Writing the Empirical Paper or Lab Report on APA Style.
Writing Other Types of Papers.

6. Writing Up Results: Selecting Statistics, Reporting Findings.

The Place of Statistics in Psychological Research.
Common Statistical Tests and When to Use Them.
Conveying Statistical Results in Words.
Reflecting Further on Your Results.

7. Citing References in APA Style.

Basic Citing Mechanics.
Citation Formats for APA Style References.

8. Displaying Data: Guidelines for Tables and Figures.


9. Proofreading and Formatting APA Style Papers.

Grammar Guidelines.
Punctuation Basics.
Some Common Usage Errors in Student Writing in Psychology.
Spelling Basics.
Check Your Writing Voice: Be Active, Not Passive.
Using Inclusive Language.
Formatting Guidelines for APA Style.
Proofreading the Penultimate Draft: Once More with Feeling.

10. Beyond Writing: Presenting Psychological Research.

The Talk.
Symposia: Talks in Common.
Poster Presentations.
Return to Writing: Submitting Your Research to a Journal.

Appendix A. Sample APA Style Student Paper.
Appendix B. Some Journals in Psychology.

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