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Slavery In American Society

Slavery In American Society - 3rd edition

Slavery In American Society - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780669244465

ISBN10: 0669244465

Slavery In American Society by Lawrence Goodheart, Richard D. Brown and Stephen G. Rabe - ISBN 9780669244465
Edition: 3RD 93
Copyright: 1993
Publisher: D.C. Heath & Co.
International: No
Slavery In American Society by Lawrence Goodheart, Richard D. Brown and Stephen G. Rabe - ISBN 9780669244465

ISBN13: 9780669244465

ISBN10: 0669244465

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This anthology reflects the sweeping changes of recent years in historians' views of slavery, featuring essays from the growing fields of social history, women's history, and comparative history. Its breadth makes it ideal for courses in the history of slavery, African-American history, and the Old South, as well as the U.S. history survey. Part I features two attempts to define slavery, while Part II details the institution's emergence in the New World. Parts III and IV consider important aspects of slave life, culture, family, and gender. Part V is a comparative examination of slavery in the United States, and the essays in Part VI discuss slavery's role in the society of the Old South.

Author Bio

Goodheart, Lawrence B. : University of Connecticut, Hartford

Brown, Richard D. : University of Connecticut, Storrs

Rabe, Stephen G. : University of Texas, Dallas

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. What Is Slavery?

Orlando Patterson, Slavery and Social Death
Eugene D. Genovese, On Paternalism

II. The Emergence of Slavery

Robert Fogel, Slavery in the New World
Ira Berlin, Time, Space, and the Evolution of African-American Society
Edmund S. Morgan, Slavery and Freedom: The American Paradox
David Brion Davis, The Uncertain Antislavery Commitment of Thomas Jefferson

III. Slave Life and Culture

Lawrence Levine, Slave Spirituals
Images of Slavery: A Photographic Essay
Albert J. Raboteau, Conjure
Kenneth F. Kiple and Virginia H. King, Nutrition and Nutriments

IV. Family and Gender

Allan Kulikoff, The Life Cycle of Slaves
Herbert G. Gutman, Family Life
Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Slave Women

V. United States Slavery in Comparative Perspective

George M. Fredrickson, The Origins of Racial Slavery in Virginia and South Africa
Peter Kolchin, American Slavery and Russian Serfdom
Stanley L. Engerman, Slavery and Emancipation in Comparative Perspective

VI. Slavery and Society

Drew G. Faust, Slave Management
Eugene D. Genovese, Slave Revolts
Eric Foner, Slavery and the Civil War
Suggestions for Further Reading