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Social Problems

Social Problems - 11th edition

Social Problems - 11th edition

ISBN13: 9780205547968

ISBN10: 0205547966

Social Problems by D. Stanley Eitzen, Maxine Baca Zinn and Kelly E. Eitzen Smith - ISBN 9780205547968
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 11TH 09
Copyright: 2009
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Social Problems by D. Stanley Eitzen, Maxine Baca Zinn and Kelly E. Eitzen Smith - ISBN 9780205547968

ISBN13: 9780205547968

ISBN10: 0205547966

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 11TH 09

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Taking a conflict approach, Eitzen and Baca Zinn focus on the underlying features of the social world in an effort to help students to understand today's social problems.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

BRIEF TABLE OF CONTENTS Part One: Political Economy of Social Problems

Chapter 1 Sociological Approach to Social Problems

Chapter 2 Wealth and Power: the Bias of the System Part Two: Problems of People, the Environment, and Location

Chapter 3 World Population and Global Inequality

Chapter 4 Threats to the Environment

Chapter 5 Demographic Changes in the United States: the Browning and Graying of Society

Chapter 6 Problems of Place: Urban, Suburban, and Rural Part Three: Problems of Inequality

Chapter 7 Poverty

Chapter 8 Racial and Ethnic Inequality

Chapter 9 Gender Inequality

Chapter 10 Sexual Orientation

Chapter 11 Disability and Ableism Part Four: Social Structure and Individual Deviance

Chapter 12 Crime and Justice

Chapter 13 Drugs Part Five: Institutional Problems

Chapter 14 Work

Chapter 15 Families

Chapter 16 Education

Chapter 17 Health and Health Care Delivery

Chapter 18 National Security in the Twenty-First Century Part Six: Solutions

Chapter 19 Progressive Plan to solve Society's Social Problems FULL TABLE OF CONTENTS PART ONE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF SOCIAL PROBLEMS

Chapter 1 SOCIOLOGICAL APPROACH TO SOCIAL PROBLEMS History of Social Problems Theory Toward a Definition of Social Problems Types of Social Problems Norm Violations Social Conditions The Sociological Imagination Social Structure as the Basic Unit of Analysis Person-Blame Approach versus System-Blame Approach Reasons for Focusing on the System-Blame Approach Organization of the Book

Chapter Review Key Terms Websites for Further Reference

Chapter 2 WEALTH AND POWER: THE BIAS OF THE SYSTEM Capitalism and Socialism Capitalism Socialism U.S. Economy: Concentration of Corporate Wealth Monopolistic Capitalism Transnational Corporations Concentration of Wealth Political System: Links between Wealth and Power Government by Interest Groups Financing of Political Campaigns Candidate Selection Process Bias of the Political S