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Social Work Practice

Social Work Practice - 9th edition

Social Work Practice - 9th edition

ISBN13: 9780205477715

ISBN10: 0205477712

Social Work Practice by Louise Johnson and Stephen Yanca - ISBN 9780205477715
Edition: 9TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Social Work Practice by Louise Johnson and Stephen Yanca - ISBN 9780205477715

ISBN13: 9780205477715

ISBN10: 0205477712

Edition: 9TH 07

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This classic social work practice text blends ecosystems and strengths-based approaches along with diversity competent practice into a change process that social workers can use with diverse individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

This classic text provides students with a solid foundation for generalist social work practice. It has a strong theoretical framework that reflects modern theory and methods used in social work practice today. The Ninth Edition builds on previous editions developing a client-centered empowerment approach to working with diverse populations with an emphasis on building and utilizing strengths and resources in the ecosystem.


  • Utilizes an ecosystems strengths approach to facilitating growth and change.
  • Incorporates CSWE requirements for learning the knowledge, skills, and values that are the foundation of social work practice at every level of practice.
  • Places a strong emphasis throughout on the environment, especially as a source of potential strengths and resources for change.
  • Highlights cognitive and behavioral approaches to enabling and empowerment in the form of developing and reinforcing positive thinking and behavior (Ch. 11).
  • Provides separate chapters for working with individuals, families, groups, and organizations and communities to assist students in understanding the change process with various size client systems while still maintaining a generalist approach.
  • Offers a simplified version of the stages of the change process and the use of an active voice to make it easier for students to understand generalist social work practice (Chs. 4, 9, 10, 11 & 12).
  • Part II develops the concept of diversity competent practice-the application of cultural competence to all diverse populations-which encourages students to assume a learning role and develop an approach that is consistent with the norms and expectations of the population that is being served.
  • Develops further the use of naturalistic inquiry as a fundamental approach in working with diverse populations to help students feel more comfortable with surrendering the role of ''expert'' by using a learning approach with clients that allows the client to teach the worker about his or her diversity.

New To This Edition

  • Can be used for BSW and MSW methods courses in generalist social work practice.
  • Applicable to generalist social work practice in urban and rural settings so that students will be able to use this approach in either setting.
  • A new Chapter 16 identifies models used in social work practice and develops a version of ''best practices'' called good practice that incorporates practice experience and research into a client-centered approach to evidence-based practice in settings in which generalist social workers typically practice. This will help students to understand the expectations for good practice in most field and work settings.
  • Several case examples are used throughout the text for consistency in understanding the application of the change process to client systems.
  • Provides a model for ethical decision making to assist students with resolving ethical dilemmas. (Ch. 5)
  • Chapters 13-16 are reorganized into a new Part Four to provide better balance in the content and to highlight generalist practice with multiperson systems and good practices in various settings.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



1. Social Work as a Response to Concern/Need.

From to Concern to Need.
Cause-Function Debate.
Common Human Needs.
Social Functioning.

2. Social Work as a Profession.

Social Work as a Profession.
Development of Social Work Knowledge.

3. Social Work as a Creative Blending of Knowledge, Values, and Skills.

Diversity Competent Practice.
Creative Blending of Knowledge, Values, and Skills.

4. Social Work as a Change Process.

Social Work as a Process of Facilitating Growth and Change.
Social Work as Intervention into Human Transactions.


5. The Worker.

Knowledge of Self.
The Helping Person.
The Multiperson Helping System.

6. The Client.

Becoming a Client.
Understanding the Individual Client.
Client Systems in Generalist Social Work Practice.

7. Environment.

Person in Environment as an Ecosystem.
The Community as a Social System.
Understanding the Agency.
Transactions between Person and Ecosystem.
Working in a Bureaucracy.

8. Interaction and Engagement.

Engagement and Formation of a One-to-One Action System.
The Interview: An Interactional Tool.


9. Assessment.

The Assessment Process.
Selection of the Client System.
Important Elements of the Assessment Phase.
Stages in the Assessment Phase.
Transactional Assessment.
Needs Assessment.

10. Planning.

Components of a Plan.
Factors Affecting a Plan of Action.
The Planning Process.
Agreement between Worker and Client.

11. Direct and Indirect Practice Actions.

Action to Enable Clients to Use Available Resources.
Action to Empower and Enable Clients.
Action in Response to Crisis.
Action That Is Supportive.
Use of Activity as an Interventive Strategy.
Action as Mediation.
Environmental Change.
Coordination of Services.

12. Evaluation and Termination.

Kinds of Evaluation.
Single System Design and Research Techniques in Evaluation.
Evaluation during Phases of the Change Process.
Kinds of Termination.
Planned Termination with Individuals.
Components of Termination.


13. Generalist Practice with Families.

The Change Process with Families.

14. Generalist Practice with Groups.

Group Purpose.
Assessment with Small Groups.
Planning with Small Groups.
Direct Practice Actions with Small Groups.
Evaluation and Termination with Small Groups.

15. Generalist Practice with Organizations and Communities.

Macropractice and Social Justice.
Needs Assessment.
Program Planning and Resource Development.
Changing Organizations from Within.
The Social Worker as a Group Member.
Involvement of Influentials.
Cause Advocacy.
Community Organization.

16. Models and Good Practices in Generalist Social Work Practice.

Best Practices and Empirically Based Practice.
A Model for Good Practices in Generalist Social Work Practice.
Models of Social Work Practice.
Good Practices in Generalist Social Work.

Appendix: Chapter Notes.
Author Index.
Subject Index.