Society : Myths and Realities 07 edition (9780205480500) -
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Society : Myths and Realities

Society : Myths and Realities - 07 edition

Society : Myths and Realities - 07 edition

ISBN13: 9780205480500

ISBN10: 0205480500

Society : Myths and Realities by Alex B. Thio - ISBN 9780205480500
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Society : Myths and Realities by Alex B. Thio - ISBN 9780205480500

ISBN13: 9780205480500

ISBN10: 0205480500

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 07
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Society: Myths and Realities offers a complete and balanced introduction to sociology in the accclaimed Penguin Academic format--a textbook that is economical, portable, and highly readable, like a Penguin trade paperback.


  • Adapted from Sociology: A Brief Introduction, 6/e; contains 100% of the main narrative from that text.
  • Published in the economical and convenient Penguin Academic format.
  • Each chapter explores common "Myths and Realities" that dispel the misconception that sociology is nothing but common sense.
  • Three major theoretical perspectives -- symbolic interactionism, fuctionalism, and conflict -- are consistently applied in every chapter, and summarized in a table called "Theoretical Thumbnails."
  • Provides integrated coverage of feminist views on various social issues and the contributions of feminist theories.
  • Integrated "Social Diversity" sections in most chapters highlight not only the problems of women and minorities, but also their achievements.
  • Integrated "Global Analysis" sections in all chapters show how people around the world live.
  • Found at the end of every chapter:
    • Key Terms
    • Questions for Discussion and Review
    • Suggested Readings

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Theoretical Thumbnails
About the Author

1. The Essence of Sociology

The Study of Social Life.
The Development of Sociology.
Major Perspectives in Sociology.
Sports: Illustrating the Three Perspectives.
Major Research Methods.

2. Society and Culture.

Building Blocks of Society.
Societies in Sociocultural Evolution.
Components of Culture.
U.S. Culture.
A Global Analysis of Culture.
Sociological Perspectives on Culture.

3. Socialization.

The Significance of Heredity.
The Significance of Socialization.
Processes of Socialization.
Sociological Perspective on Socialization.
Social Diversity in Socialization.
A Global Analysis of Socialization.
Agents of Socialization.
Adult Socialization.
Are We Puppets of Society?

4. Social Interaction in Everyday Life.

Sociological Perspectives on Social Interactions.
Interaction as Symbolic Communication.
Communication between Women and Men.
Dramaturgy: Interaction as Drama.
The Art of Managing Impressions.
The Social Construction of Reality.

5. Groups and Organizations.

Social Groups.
Group Characteristics.
Social Networks.
Formal Organizations.
Functionalist Perspective: Cooperating to Achieve a Common Goal.
Conflict Perspective: Equality as Key to Organizational Success.
Symbolic Interactionist Perspective: Defining the Situation in Organizations.
The Threat of Organizations to Privacy.
The Realities of Bureaucracy.
A Global Analysis of Organizations.

6. Deviance and Control.

What Is Deviance?
Examples of Deviance.
Functionalist Perspective: Functions and Dysfunctions.
Conflict Perspective: Social Conflict or Inequality.
Symbolic Interactionist Theory: Association, Reaction, and Interpretation.
Social Diversity in Deviance.
A Global Analysis of Deviance.
Controlling Deviance.

7. U.S. and Global Stratification.

The Bases of Stratification.
Stratification Systems: A Global View.
New Approaches to Stratification.
The U.S. Class Structure.
Poverty in the United States.
Social Mobility in U.S. Society.
Global Stratification.
Sociological Perspectives on Stratification.

8. Race and Ethnicity.

Sociological Definitions.
Racial and Ethnic Diversity.
Racial and Ethnic Relations.
Prejudice and Discrimination.
A Global Analysis of Race and Ethnicity.

9. Gender and Age.

Gender Roles.
Gender Socialization.
Spheres of Gender Inequality.
Consequences of Gender Inequality.
Sociological Perspectives on Gender Inequality.
The Aging Process.
Social Diversity in Aging.
The Future of Aging.

10. Families.

Families: A Global Analysis.
Sociological Perspectives on the Family.
Patterns of U.S. Marriages.
Family Problems.
Changes in the U.S. Family.
Other Lifestyles.
Social Diversity of U.S. Families.
The Future of the Family.

11. Education and Religion.

Sociological Perspectives on Education.
Education in the United States.
Social Diversity in U.S. Education.
Sociological Perspectives on Religion.
Religion in the United States.
Facing the Secular World: Confrontation or Compromise?
A Global Analysis of Religion.

12. The Economy and Politics.

The Economy in Perspective.
The Worlds Economic Systems.
The Dominance of Big Corporations.
Work in the United States.
Social Diversity in the U.S. Economy.
Power and Authority.
The World of U.S. Politics.
Who Really Governs in U.S. Society?
A Global Analysis of Political Violence.

13. Health and Population.

Health and Society.
Medical Care.
Sociological Perspectives on Health and Medical Care.
A Global Analysis of Population.
Patterns of Population Change.
Combating Population Growth.

14. Environment and Urbanization.

A Global Analysis of Urbanization.
Cities in the United States.
The Urban Environment.
The Nature of City Life.
Causes of Urban Problems.
Sociological Perspectives on Urbanization and City Life.

15. Collective Behavior, Social Movements, and Social Change.

The Study of Collective Behavior.
Forms of Collective Behavior.
A Global Analysis of Social Change.
Functionalist Perspective: Gradual Change.
Conflict Perspective: Revolutionary Change.
Symbolic Interactionist Perspective: Changing Interaction.
How U.S. Society Has Changed.

Name Index.
Subject Index.