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Software Engineering

Software Engineering - 7th edition

Software Engineering - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9780321210265

ISBN10: 0321210263

Software Engineering by Ian Sommerville - ISBN 9780321210265
Edition: 7TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.
International: No
Software Engineering by Ian Sommerville - ISBN 9780321210265

ISBN13: 9780321210265

ISBN10: 0321210263

Edition: 7TH 04

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The new edition of this best-selling book provides a comprehensive discussion of software engineering techniques and their application in practical software projects. This broad perspective offers students solid coverage of the software process and software process technology, system integration, requirements management, and risk analysis, as well as pattern-based reuse, distributed system engineering, and legacy systems.

Sommerville has incorporated a more object-oriented approach in this edition--using UML and Java--and has removed much of the material on CASE, formal methods, and Ada, making the book more in tune with current technology and practice. A new discussion of professional ethics in the introduction helps make students aware of the responsibilities that come with engineering software.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.

FAQs About software engineering.
Professional and ethical responsibility.

2. Socio-Technical Systems.

Emergent system properties.
Systems engineering.
Organizations, people and computer systems.
Legacy systems.

3. Critical Systems.

A simple safety-critical system.
System dependability.
Availability and reliability.

4. Software Processes.

Software process models.
Process iteration.
Process activities.
The Rational Unified Process.
Computer-Aided Software Engineering.

5. Project Management.

Management activities.
Project planning.
Project scheduling.
Risk management.

6. Software Requirements.

User requirements.
System requirements.
Interface specification.
The software requirements document.

7. Requirements Engineering Processes.

Feasibility studies.
Requirements elicitation and analysis.
Requirements validation.
Requirements management.

8. System Models.

Context models.
Behavioral models.
Data models.
Object models.
Structured methods.

9. Critical Systems Specification.

Risk-driven specification.
Safety specification.
Security specification.
Software reliability specification.

10. Formal Specification.

Formal specification in the software process.
Sub-system interface specification.
Behavioral specification.

11. Architectural Design.

Architectural design decisions.
System organization.
Modular decomposition styles.
Control Styles.
Reference architectures.

12. Distributed Systems Architectures.

Multiprocessor architectures.
Client-server architectures.
Distributed object architectures.
Inter-organizational distributed computing.

13. Applicaiton Architectures.

Data processing systems.
Transaction processing systems.
Event processing systems.
Language processing systems.

14. Object-Oriented Design.

Objects and object classes.
An object-oriented design process.
Design evolution.

15. Real-Time Software Design.

System design.
Real-time operating systems.
Monitoring and control systems.
Data acquisition systems.

16. User Interface Design.

Design issues.
The UI design process.
User analysis.
User interface prototyping.
Interface evaluation.

17. Rapid Software Development.

Agile methods.
Extreme programming.
Rapid application development.
Software prototyping.

18. Software Reuse.

The reuse landscape.
Design patterns.
Generator-based reuse.
Application frameworks.
Application system reuse.

19. Component-Based Software Engineering.

Components and component models.
The CBSE process.
Component composition.

20. Critical Systems Development.

Dependable processes.
Dependable programming.
Fault tolerance.
Fault-tolerant architectures.

21. Software Evolution.

Program evolution dynaics.
Software maintenance.
Evolution processes.
Legacy system evolution.

22. Verification and Validation.

Planning verification and validation.
Software inspections.
Automated static analysis.
Verification and formal methods.

23. Software Testing.

System testing.
Component testing.
Test case design.
Test Automation.

24. Critical Systems Validation.

Reliability validation.
Safety assurance.
Security assessment.
Safety and Dependability Cases.

25. Managing People.

Slecting staff.
Motivating People.
Managing Groups.
The People Capability Maturity Model.

26. Software Cost Estimation.

Software Productivity.
Estimation techniques.
Algorithmic cost modelling.
Project duration and staffing.

27. Quality Management.

Process and product quality.
Quality assurance and standards.
Quality planning.
Quality control.
Software measurement and metrics.

28. Process Improvement.

Process and product quality.
Process classification.
Process measurement.
Process analysis and modelling.
Process change.
The CMMI process improvement framework.

29. Configuration Management.

Configuration management planning.
Change management.
Version and release management.
System building.
CASE tools for configuration management.

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