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Sport Public Relations

Sport Public Relations - 06 edition

Sport Public Relations - 06 edition

ISBN13: 9780736053402

ISBN10: 0736053409

Sport Public Relations by G. Clayton Stoldt, Stephen W. Dittmore and Scott E. Branvold - ISBN 9780736053402
Edition: 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
International: No
Sport Public Relations by G. Clayton Stoldt, Stephen W. Dittmore and Scott E. Branvold - ISBN 9780736053402

ISBN13: 9780736053402

ISBN10: 0736053409

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Sport Public Relations: Managing Organizational Communication fills a void in the ever-expanding field of sport management by providing comprehensive treatment of public relations practice within sport. Rather than address public relations only as a means of supporting the marketing function or leveraging the media's interest in an event or organization, this text recognizes public relations as a function that is integral to many aspects of a sport organization's goals.

The book covers all aspects of public relations, starting with the basics and progressing all the way through legal and ethical issues that sport public relations professionals encounter. The following are some of the topics covered:

  • The purpose of sport public relations programs, the distinction from sport marketing, and the benefits to sport organizations
  • A strategic perspective on public relations, addressing issues related to reputation management, fostering desirable relationships with key publics, and campaign planning
  • The history of sport public relations and how it is evolving
  • The foundations for effective media relations in sport, including information services and organizational media
  • The critical need for a crisis communications plan and how to develop and execute such a plan (sample plan is also featured)
  • The diverse forms of community relations practice and how such programs can generate revenue for sport organizations
  • The diverse forms of public relations practice, encompassing employee, investor, customer, donor, and government relations

Sport Public Relations: Managing Organizational Communication provides the theoretical basis for industry practice as well as guidance on applying those concepts. Through ''Insights From a Professional'' sidebars, readers learn what sport communication work is like, what tasks and dilemmas they will face, and what opportunities are available in the industry. Other sidebars present real-life examples and historical events that show how sport communication has evolved and the vital role it plays in effective sport management. Numerous illustrations and tables present guidelines, tips, and insights, and the appendixes showcase sample products. Also included in each chapter are objectives, key terms, summaries, and learning activities to help students comprehend the material.

In addition, Sport Public Relations: Managing Organizational Communication presents concepts such as reputation management in sport. It discusses how to manage relationships with key publics using a variety of strategies, including media tactics, audience research methods, community outreach programs, crisis communications plans, and Web technology. Readers will understand the full range of functions within the realm of sport public relations and they will learn how to be proactive and progressive in their public relations practices, which will result in better relationships between sport organizations and their key publics.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Introducing Sport Public Relations

Definition of Sport Public Relations
Characteristics of Sport Public Relations
Sport Public Relations in Practice
The Value of Public Relations

Chapter 2. Integrating Public Relations With Strategic Management

Public Relations As a Management Tool
Organizational Relationships and Public Relations
Management of Issues
Organizational Reputation
Strategic Commitment to Public Relations

Chapter 3. Using Public Relations Campaigns

Distinguishing Between Programs and Campaigns
Planning and Executing Campaigns
Using Public Relations Firms
Learning From Case Studies

Chapter 4. Focusing on Media-Sport Relationships

Definition of Mass Media
Mass Media Structures
Relationship Between Mass Media and Sport
Evolution of Sport Public Relations
Future of Public Relations

Chapter 5. Managing the Media-Organization Relationship

Identifying Influential Media
Servicing Media at Organizational Events
Developing a Policy on Organizational Media
Maximizing Media Exposure

Chapter 6. Providing Information Services

News Releases
Media Kits
Audiovisual News Releases

Chapter 7. Coordinating Interviews and News Conferences

News Conferences
Postevent Interviews
Media Days

Chapter 8. Developing Organizational Media

Media Guides
Other Printed Organizational Media
Electronic Organizational Media
Organizational Media Summary
Corporate Communications

Chapter 9. Communicating in Times of Crisis

The Nature of Crises and the Need to Plan for Them
An Approach to Crisis Communications

Chapter 10. Exploring Direct Contact Initiatives

Advantages of Direct Contact Initiatives
Benefits of Direct Contact Initiatives
Types of Direct Contact Activities

Chapter 11. Recognizing the Value of Charitable Programs

Charitable Activities As a Community Relations Activity
Benefits of Charitable Programs
The Scope of Charitable Programs in Sport
Types of Charitable Programs
Issues to Address in Planning Charitable Programs
Charitable Programs and Financial Leverage
Importance of Charitable Programs

Chapter 12. Using the Web in Sport Public Relations

Evaluating Web Use in Sport Public Relations
Developing a Web Site
Structuring Web Sites for Specific Stakeholders
Identifying Limitations and Problems of Web Sites

Chapter 13. Communicating With Internal Publics

Employee Relations
Investor Relations

Chapter 14. Communicating With External Publics

Customer Relations
Donor Relations
Government Relations

Chapter 15. Addressing Legal and Ethical Issues

Tort Law
Intellectual Property
Constitutional Issues
Federal and State Legislation

Appendix A. Sample Game Notes for a Professional Football Program
Appendix B. Selected Pages From a Media Guide for a Women's College Basketball Team
Appendix C. Sample Crisis Communications Plan
Appendix D. Community Relations Plan for a College Baseball Program
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